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Key Points in Academics

Secateurs are agricultural tools.

Secateurs - Len Academy

  • Secateurs are also referred to as pruning shears or hand pruners.

  • It looks like a pair of scissors.

  • It’s used for trimming flowers and leaves.

  • It is also used for pruning the branches of shrubs.

Agricultural Science

An example of an agricultural tool is the hoe. It is shown below:

Hoe - Len Academy

  • We have a variety of hoes.

  • They are generally used for tilling the soil.

  • They are used for making trenches in farmlands.

  • A hoe is utilized in harvesting crops like yam and cocoyam

  • They are also used for cutting weeds on farmlands.

Please read on agricultural tools and their uses here

Agricultural Science

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Questions for Student

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Jesus was born specifically in _____.

  • A. Jerusalem

  • B. Bethlehem

  • C. Nazareth

  • D. Israel

  • E. Capernaum

  • F. Calvary


And the angel came to her, and said: Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women (Luke 1:28). Who was this angel?

  • A. Michael

  • B. Gabriel

  • C. Raphael

  • D. Uriel

  • E. Ariel

  • F. Muriel


Dr. Stella Ameyo Adedavoh - Len Academy

The above image shows a gallant Nigerian, Doctor Stella Ameyo Adedavoh who sacrificed her life in the act of service, during a disease outbreak in the country. What disease outbreak was this?

  • A. Bird Flu

  • B. COVID-19

  • C. Monkey Pox

  • D. Ebola

  • E. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

  • F. Chicken Pox

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