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What students should know

There are about 630 different kinds of carnivorous plants.

Carnivorous plants are plants that derive some or most of their nutrients by consuming small animals, especially insects.

Carnivorous plants are also referred to as insectivorous plants.

Some example of carnivorous plants include sundew and Venus flytrap.

Please read more on Carnivorous Plants here

Agricultural Science

The eyebrow is an area of dense, delicate hair just above the eye. 

Eyebrows perform two main functions:

  1. Protects our eyes against sweat, rain, dirt and other atmospheric contaminants.

  2. It helps us express our emotions.

Eyebrow modified in the form of Nike.

Image Credit: Unilad

Note: Eyebrows can also be modified to enhance beauty; especially female beauty.

Basic Science

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Questions for Student

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The living cells that makes up cartilages are called _____.

  • A. osteocytes
  • B. osteoblasts
  • C. osteoclasts
  • D. chondroblasts
  • E. chrondocytes
  • F. Osteoprogenitor cells


Which of the following statement is incorrect with regards to chitin?

  • A. Ecdysis is a term associated with chitin
  • B. It is a skeletal material
  • C. It is a type of skeleton
  • D. It is present outside the organism
  • E. It does not grow when the organism grows
  • It is present in ants


Which of the following is NOT a function of the human skeleton?

  • A. Gives Shape
  • B. Provides Protection
  • C. Aids in Locomotion
  • D. Supports Movement
  • E. Assists in Inhalation and Exahalation
  • F. None of the above
  • G. All of the above


Which of the following is not a Right of Consumer Protection?

  • A. Right to Education
  • B. Right to Choose
  • C. Right to Safety
  • D. Right to the Good things of Life
  • E. Right to be Assured
  • F. Right to Compel

Business Studies

Which of the followings is NOT a correct definition for values in Civic Education?

  • A. Value is a more personal measure of worth
  • B. Value is the esteemed quality which a person attaches to certain ideas, beliefs or principle
  • C. Value is a laid down rule and standard that influences our relationship with people
  • D. Value is the standard principle that is supported by individuals and the society they live in
  • E. None of the above
  • F. All of the above

Civic Education