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What students should know

Certain words in English language appear to be similar but are quite different in meaning.

The table below shows some examples











You can check out the difference in meanings of the words above.

Note: Synonyms are different words with similar meanings. Please read on synonyms here.


Some words always exist in the plural form. Examples of such words are:

  • Scissors
  • Shears
  • Alms
  • News
  • Trousers


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Questions for Student

The only metal that exist as liquid at room temperature is _____.

  1. Nickel
  2. Duralumin
  3. Mercury
  4. Lead
  5. Titanium
  6. Cesium

ANSWER is Mercury

Mercury is a liquid metal at room temperature. Its chemical symbol is Hg. The name mercury comes from its Greek name, hydrargyrum, which means "liquid silver" .  Mercury has an atomic number of 80. Please read on the periodic table of elements here

The element mercury is also considered to be named after the fastest-moving planet in the solar system. You can read on solar system here.


All plants are crops.


ANSWER is false

All plants are NOT crops; for instance Iroko is a plant but not a crop. The correct statement should be “all crops are plants”.  Please read the difference between plants and crops here

Agricultural Science