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The sun was created on the _____ day.

  • A. First
  • B. Second
  • C. Third
  • D. Fourth
  • E. Fifth
  • F. Sixth

Which of the following statement is INCORRECT regarding the biblical account of creation as contained in Genesis Chapter 1.

  • A. Light is the first of God's creation
  • B. On the first day, evening passed and morning came
  • C. God created a dome and named it sky on the second day
  • D. God himself named the darkness night and the light day
  • E. God dedicated the sixth day specifically for the creation of human beings
  • F. God created the sea creatures and the birds on the same day

By the term "God is Sovereign", we mean that _____.

  • A. God is powerful
  • B. God is love
  • C. God is at the top of all
  • D. God is all merciful
  • E. God is all faithful
  • F. God is Trinity

Jealousy is one of the attributes of God


Noah had three sons after he was _____ years old.

  1. 60
  2. 75
  3. 100
  4. 120
  5. 350
  6. 500

According to Genesis chapter 1 verses 6 – 8, God created _____ on the second day.

  1. land
  2. seas
  3. sky
  4. heavenly bodies
  5. birds
  6. land animals
  7. animals living in water

Meaning of God's Attribute:

Before we look into the attributes of God, it will be a great idea if we first understood the word "attribute".

To put it straight, I will consider an attribute to be a "qualifier", that is, something which qualifies or describes a noun.

In our case, attributes of God will simply imply those characteristics that has to do with God.

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Note: The attributes of God will help us to better understand who God is. It is important to state that no one can give a complete list or summary of God's attributes.


Who is God?

Different people will give varying responses to this question. This is because the question "Who is God?" is a subject of God's attribute.

God is a supreme being who is infinitely good in Himself and exists in all perfection

Jesus is the true image of the unseen God and He shares completely all the attributes of God. Those who were with Jesus in His time saw the attributes of God in Him according to how He acted, loved and forgave.

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At every point in your life, you must have experienced one attribute of God or another. In fact, you are alive today simply because of the attributes of God resting upon you.

Let's take a quick look at some of these attributes.


Attributes of God

Sovereign: God wields the supreme and ultimate power. Psalm 136:6

Please read on God's Sovereignty here


Love: God is love. He sent His only begotten son to die for sinners. John 3:16, 1st John 4:8


Mercy: Always compassionate and willing to forgive every time. Romans 9:15-16

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Self existing, Infinite and eternal: God has no beginning and no end. Exodus 3:14, Colossians 1:17, Psalm 147:5


Asiety: God is completely independent. Acts 17:25


Goodness: Everything God does is good. Genesis 1:31, Romans 11:22, Psalm 34:8


Immutability: God cannot change. Malachi 3:6, Romans 8:39


Wisdom: Ability to foresee perfect ends and to reach these ends by the most perfect means. Romans 11:33


Trinity: Three persons in one God. Roman 3:30, John 6:27, John 20:28, Acts 5:3-5, John 16:16-17

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Impeccability: God cannot make mistake. Hebrew 6:18


Self Sufficiency: God has no needs. John 5:26, Matthew 11:25-27, John 17:24-26


Faithfulness: God keeps to His promises. Timothy 2:13, Deuteronomy 2:9

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Gracious: Always giving the guilty a second chance. Psalm 145:8, Matthew 5-45, Ephesians 2:8


Omnipotent: God can do all things. Job 11:7-11, Psalm 33:6

Please read on story of God's Creation here


Omniscient: God knows all things. Isaiah 49:9-10


Omnipresent: God is everywhere. Jeremiah 23:23-24, Psalm 139:7-10


Jealousy: God's jealousy simply meant that God has a very close concern for us. Exodus 20: 5-6

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Just: Perfect in His judgment. Deuteronomy 32:4


Holiness: Perfectly moral and pure. Revelation 4:8


Glorious: Clothed in majesty. Jesus conquered death and resurrected on the third day. 1st Corinthians 15:4


Incomprehensibility: God cannot be fully understood or known. Isaiah 40:28

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Amazing facts in CRS

If you translate “Jesus” from Hebrew directly to English, the correct translation will be “Joshua”. The name “Jesus” was actually a translation from Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin and finally, English


The Sovereignty of God simply implies that God is at the Top of all things.

Below are some facts that expresses God's Sovereignty:

  1. God is above all things and before all things.

  2. God is the creator of all things.

  3. God is omniscient. He knows all things: past, present and future.

  4. God can do and accomplish all things.

  5. God is in control of all things and rules over all things.

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The term sovereign relates to words like:

Supreme, Ruler, Greatest, Unlimited and Total

Based on the above, the sovereignty of God can be expressed in different views. For instance:

  1. God is Sovereign because he is above all things.
  2. God is Sovereign because he is in control of all things. 🌍
  3. God is Sovereign because he is at the top of all things.
  4. God is Sovereign because he has knowledge of all that "has happened", "is happening" and "will happen in the future".
  5. God is Sovereign because he can do all things.

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