What is a Black Market, Its advantages and disadvantages

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Academic Questions in Economics

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The following statements are true concerning explicit opportunity cost except _____.

  • A. They are recorded in the accounts book

  • B. It is a type of cost

  • C. They may also be referred to as 'out of pocket' cost

  • D. They are utilized as factors of production

  • E. Money spent on wages, salaries and raw materials are examples of explicit opportunity cost

  • F. Explicit opportunity cost are always utilized for investment

Needs / Wants

Cost (Naira)



 Console Game






 Smart watch





Which of the following statement is incorrect concerning the table?

  • A. Ipod is the least important need of the individual

  • B. If the individual has 200,000 Naira at hand, then the laptop, iPad, smart watch and iPod will all be considered as opportunity cost

  • C. If the individual has 480,000 Naira, he or she will purchase all the items in the table

  • D. Console game is the most important need of the individual

  • E. The table shows a scale of preference

  • F. The individual needs an ipod

Which of the following statement is false concerning scale of preference?

  • A. It is brought about by the insatiability of human wants

  • B. It is brought about by the limitation of cash at hand

  • C. It is a list of a person's needs or wants written in an order of importance

  • D. Scale of preference cost is the value of the best alternative a person could have achieved but did not achieve it after the best choice had been made

  • E. Opportunity cost is a term associated with scale of preference

  • F. None of the above

Eonomies of scale in economics means _____.

  • A. The prices of goods will remain the same because producers manufacture similar goods

  • B. The prices of goods will fall because producers manufacture more goods

  • C. The prices of goods will rise because producers manufacture less goods

  • D. The prices of goods will rise and producers will manufacture more goods

  • E. The prices of goods will fall and producers will manufacture less goods

  • F. Equilibrium is achieved in the economy

Budget deficit refers to the amount by which _____.

  1. total expenditure exceeds revenue
  2. capital expenditure exceeds revenue
  3. recurrent expenditure exceeds revenue
  4. recurrent expenditure exceeds capital expenditure
  5. capital expenditure exceeds recurrent expenditure
  6. total expenditure exceeds capital and recurrent expenditure

What are infant industries in Economics?

  1. They are industries that are allowed enough time to mature for recognition
  2. They are industries that produce baby foods in addition to mother care products
  3. They are industries that are too young to compete in a thriving society
  4. They are industries that are constantly introducing new products
  5. They are industries that are under a parent company
  6. They are industries located in rural areas

Which of the theory did Malthus became popular for?

  • A. Population may outgrow the means of subsistence
  • B. The people will eventually decide not to have children
  • C. The death rate may become so high that people may not be able to produce
  • D. Migration of people from one place to another may leave the world barren
  • E. All of the above



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What is a black Market?

A Black market is said to take place when there is illegal buying and selling of goods and services.

Black markets usually take place outside the government's rader and without government's knowledge so as to avoid tax or any other government regulations.

Black market presents the avenue for government prohibited goods like hard drugs, war weapons and firearms to be bought by criminals.

Please read more on Drug Trafficking here.

Certain producers and consumers depend on black market to buy the raw materials for their business. An instance is the illegal "oil bunkering" (hacking into pipelines to steal government owned crude oil).

The stolen crude oil can be sold directly to production companies or refined and sold to certain consumers through the black market. This activity has negatively impacted Nigeria's economy and has caused a decline in the Nation's treasury.

Please read on Production here.

A black market can also occur on the web for cyber criminals or those who are involved in computer hacking. These individuals will go into the dark web and purchase or rent their respective hacking tools for a fee. Normally, payments are made in crypto currencies.

Please read on Internet of Things here.

Unfortunately, black markets can also result in human trafficking and selling of human organs, for example, the Kidneys.

Research had suggested that black market will occur more in nations with a very strict currency control.

You can read on the Methods of Payment through Commercial Banks here.

Note: Black market is sometimes referred to as a shadow market or an underground economy.


Disadvantages of black market

  1. There is a high chance defrauding and scamming buyers in the black market.

  2. There is an increased probability of buying fake or counterfeit goods and products with no warrantee. (The adverse effect could be massive when medications are involved).
    Please read on the Disadvantages of Money here.

  3. Illegal drugs and weapons are moved easily into and outside a country.

  4. It can result in some persons (especially young women) been traded as prostitutes. (These young women will live and work in other countries as prostitutes).

  5. The chances of criminal activities are increased through the black market system.

  6. The Black market system can serve as a pathway on the execution of terrorist attacks against a Nation. This is true because certain people may sell classified National security information to terrorists through the black market

  7. Black market can lead to the reduction of a Nation's revenue. As an instance, the illegal oil bunkering in the South-South region of Nigeria has negative affected its National revenue.
    Please read on Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments here.


Despite all the negatives that surround the black market, The black market still has some pros.

Let's consider the advantages of black market below:


Advantages of black market

  1. Goods and services are sold at a cheaper price.
    Please read on Supply, Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply here.

  2. It helps some people make plenty of money.

  3. The Illegal sales of human organs, for example, the sale of human kidneys have aided in saving some lives.

  4. Some people actually depend on black market for their daily bread.
    Please read on the Meaning, Causes, Consequences and Solutions to Illiteracy here.

  5. Some of the proceeds from black market have been utilized towards the economic growth of a Nation. For instance, schools and hospitals are built from money made from black market.

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Amazing facts in Economics


Scale of Preference can be defined as the list of a person's needs or wants written in an order of importance. 📜✍️

When you have a limited amount of money and could only buy some of the items on your list (the top items on the list); then the remaining items that you didn't buy will be generally considered as your opportunity cost.

Opportunity cost can be defined as the value of the best alternative that a person could have achieved or bought but couldn't achieve after the best choice had been achieved.

Opportunity cost are of two types. They are:

  1. Explicit Opportunity Cost
  2. Implicit Opportunity Cost

Please read on scale of Preference, Opportunity cost and the types of Opportunity cost here

Economics isn't just about money. It isn't just about economizing or efficiency or prudence at management.

In simple terms, Economics is a science that deals with the study of scarcity and choice.

Economics have 2 main branches. They are:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics