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Academic Questions in English

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Words with same spelling, same sound and different meanings are referred to as _____.

  • A. Homonyms
  • B. Homographs
  • C. Homophones
  • D. Synonyms
  • E. Antonyms
  • F. Homophobes

A man who writes a book is called an author. A woman who writes a book is called an _____.

  • A. author
  • B. authoress
  • C. authorite
  • D. authority
  • E. authress
  • F. auther

The teacher was so vague that we could barely comprehend the _____ details of the topic.

From the options below, which word correctly fills the gap and is also opposite to the underlined word.

  • A. transparent
  • B. minute
  • C. hidden
  • D. explanatory
  • E. main
  • F. specific

Jane is very indolent while her sister Thelma is one of the most _____ girls on campus.

From the options below, which word correctly fills the gap and is also opposite to underlined word.

  • A. devoted
  • B. diligent
  • C. trustworthy
  • D. perfect
  • E. strongest
  • F. intelligent

We had a meeting comprising of all the _____.

  • A. fathers-in-laws
  • B. father-in-law
  • C. father-in-laws
  • D. fathers-in-law

What is a synonym?

A synonym is a word or a phrase or an expression that has an exact or closely related meaning with another word or phrase or expression. Such synonym words are said to be synonymous, for instance we could say that: “my belly is full” is synonymous to ”my stomach is filled“.
There are so many synonymous words in English language. In some English examination, you may be asked to choose an answer that is nearest in meaning to the question of interest.  Below are some synonymous words, that is, (words with similar meaning):

Hi - Hello
Start – Begin – Commence
Lucky – Fortunate
Lookalike - Similar
Mother – Mom – Mummy
Overseas – Abroad
Full - Filled
Heal – Cure
Accomplish – Achieve
Bizarre – Weird
Right – Correct
Sick – Ill
Exit – Leave
Add – Plus
Subtract – Minus
Rich – Wealthy
Reach – Arrive
Massacre – Bloodbath
Close – Near
Close – Shut
Innocent – Blameless
Kids - Children
Silly – Foolish
On purpose – Intentionally
Curler – Roller
Reply – Answer
Intentional – Deliberate
Backside – Bum
Disclaimer – Denial
Comfortable - Cozy
Categorize – Classify
Eternal – Everlasting
Via – Through
Thank you – Thanks
Final - Last
Yeah – Yes
Fate – Destiny
Believe – Faith
Commencement – Graduation
Evil – Wicked
Satan – Devil
Stress – Emphasize
Stupid – Dull
Committed – Dedicated
Versus – Against
Above – Over
Perplex – Confused
Enormous – Huge – Immense
Support – Corroborate
Ratify – Confirm
Pain – Agony
Settle – Resolve
Classify – Categorize
Characteristics – Features
Shame – Disgrace
Respect – Honour
Comfort – Consolation
Famous – Popular
Disappear – Vanish
Crazy – Mad


Antonyms are words or phrase or expressions with opposite meanings; for example: Boy | Girl

Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings; for example: Bark (of a tree) and Bark (sound from a dog)

Heteronyms are words that are spelt the same way but pronounced differently; for example: Bow (to show respect) and Bow (of an arrow)

Homophones are two or more words that are pronounced the same way (They sound the same way) but they have different meanings, spellings and origins; for example: ate (past tense of eat) and eight (the number 8)

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Amazing facts in English


English is the official language of the air. This is because no matter where you are flying to around the world, your pilot and flight attendants will always understand English

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In English Language, Coffins and Caskets are quite different. This difference is mainly attributed to their shape.

Coffins aren't perfectly rectangular in shape. They are wide at both shoulders. They  are also tapered at the head and foot. 

Caskets are rectangular in shape and are usually constructed with better quality timber.


Homonyms are words with the same spellings, same sounds but different meanings.

Below are some sentences containing homonyms with their respective meanings

  • Keen

We have a keen match against Ronaldo’s team and Messi seems to be keen.

Keen: An involvement of people competing very hard for something.
Keen: Very interested in something.


  • Tear

Regardless the tear you shed, Mr. Frank will still tear your examination scripts.

Tear: The drop of liquid that comes out from a person's eye when they cry.
Tear: To damage something by pulling or cutting it apart.


  • Jot

There isn't any jot of truth in what he said, so I didn't jot  anything down.

Jot: A very small amount of somethin

Jot: To write something quickly

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Certain words in English language appear to be similar but are quite different in meaning.

The table below shows some examples











You can check out the difference in meanings of the words above.

Note: Synonyms are different words with similar meanings. Please read on synonyms here.