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Characteristics, Reasons, Effects and Solutions to Cultism

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Characteristics of Cultism:

  1. The members swear a complete allegiance to their leader.

  2. They hold their meetings in the secret

  3. They use any available means to get what they want. They have the mentality of “the end justifies the means”.

  4. If a member leaves or attempts to leave the group, he or she will be in danger of reprisal attack from their group and other cult groups.

  5. The members are manipulated to devote more time towards the group which subsequently leads to the forfeiture of their own personal  goals.

  6. The leadership of the cult group may dictate to the members what colour of cloth to wear and where to live.

  7. The leader of the group is considered a special being and even a messiah by the cult members.

  8. Cult members often move in groups in case of any uncertainty. They are also encouraged to live close to each other.

  9. They can be very deceptive, pretentious, appealing and caring in their recruitment process.

  10. They put their survival and material needs first.

  11. They have rival cult groups and may be involved in deadly battles.

  12. The cult members are psychologically convinced that the solution to their problems can only be achieved via the cult.

  13. They illegally possess dangerous weapons including firm arms.

  14. They use their fire arms for various crimes including armed robbery.

  15. They are nightcrawlers. This means that they are socially active at night.

  16. Some of the personal rights of the members are lost. Please read our article on fundamental human rights HERE.

  17. They exhibit crimes like rape, threats, physical attacks and murder on other people.

  18. They may have connections to some political figures; where they function as political thugs.

Note: If you wish to read our article on the meaning and origin of cultism in Nigeria, please HERE.


Reasons why people join cults

  1. Search for protection through cultism.

  2. Search for wealth through cultism.

  3. Peer pressure and influence from friends.

  4. Some join because they want to be feared by their peers.

  5. Some join to exert revenge on their enemies.

  6. Some may say yes to cultism under the influence of drugs.

  7. Some may be promised political positions and offices when they join.

  8. Some become a member of cult group because they are lonely.

  9. Some join to overcome their low self esteem.

  10. Some victims of rape, intimidation, child abuse or even bullying may choose cultism as solace.

  11. Some are cult members due to lack of proper home trainings/upbringing.

  12. Some persons may want to validate their status by joining a cult.

  13. Lack of self discipline on the part of some people.

  14. As a means to come out of depression.


Effects of Cultism in the Society

  1. Untimely death of members.

  2. Increased robbery, kidnapping, rape and other crimes in the society.

  3. Expulsion of students involved in cultism from tertiary institutions (and even secondary institutions).

  4. They may end up bringing disgrace to their loved ones and families.

  5. Some may go mad or have brain disorders as a result of the brutal initiation processes.

  6. Cultism may account for election rigging. 

  7. Cultists may end up as assassins and hired killers, killing innocent people in the process.


Solutions to Cultism

  1. Awareness on the evils of cultism should be constantly made. This can be done in schools, on radio and television, social media platforms, on the internet, blogs and so on.

  2. The evils and dangers of cultism must be from primary schools.

  3. Laws that discourage cultism should be passed into the constitution.

  4. Government should work to increase the standard of living in the society.

  5. Government should provide amnesty to encourage cult members renounce their membership.

  6. Government should provide refuge and security for those willing to renounce their membership.

  7. Government should create job and employment opportunities for the youth.

  8. Parents should properly train their children because “charity begins at home”.

  9. Security personnel should be properly equipped to combat cultism.

  10. Religious groups should “evangelize to and pray for” known cult members.


Please Stay away from cultism because nothing good comes out from it!

Amazing facts in Civic Education


All human beings are entitled to their rights (Human Rights); but the truth is, we still have got some limitations to some of these Human Rights. Below are 4 limitations:

  1. Soldiers have the right to life but when duty calls, they must be willing to die for their nation if need be.
  2. Although human beings have the right to movement, an insane person may be deprived of this right.
  3. Right to owning a property can be taken away; for instance, if a person is convicted of owning a property through corruption, stealing or another illegal means, such person will be punished in accordance with the law. Their right to those properties will be taken away.
  4. One who uses the right to freedom of speech in bringing about chaos in a democratized society will be penalized by the court of law.

Please on the fundamental human rights here

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