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Community service and its benefit

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Factors that promote Cooperation Cooperation and Types of Cooperation Attributes and Benefits of Honesty Meaning of Values in Civic Education Community service and its benefit Characteristics, Reasons, Effects and Solutions to Cultism Origin of Cultism in Nigeria Meaning, Causes, Consequences and Solutions to Illiteracy The Real Meaning of Honesty Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 3rd Term

Academic Questions in Civic Education

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The act of always telling the truth to others and oneself is best referred to as _____.

  • A. loyalty
  • B. discipline
  • C. faithfulness
  • D. honesty
  • E. godliness
  • F. goodness

Which of the following is NOT a consequence of dishonesty?

  • A. Loss of reputation
  • B. Imprisonment
  • C. Loss of sympathy
  • D. Loss of customers
  • E. Being disgraced
  • D. Being cursed

The cooperation seen among the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) is best classified as _____.

  • A. social cooperation
  • B. community cooperation
  • C. financial cooperation
  • D. religious cooperation
  • E. trade cooperation
  • F. idiopathic cooperation

Which of the following statement is incorrect concerning cooperation?

  • A. Division of Labor is a form of Cooperation
  • B. Cooperation is a process of coming together
  • C. Cooperation is aimed at achieving a common goal
  • D. Cooperation is a form of social interaction
  • E. Indirect Cooperation is a type of Cooperation
  •  F. None the above options

Which of the following is not a pressure group?

  • A. Armed Forces Ruling Group (AFRP)
  • B. Boys Brigade
  • C. Academic Staff union of Universities (ASUU)
  • D.Girls Guide Movement
  • E. Red Cross Society

What is community Service?

Community service is not the same as volunteer service because it may not be done out of your own will. For instance, a traffic offender may be assigned a community service of road cleaning. He will do the job not necessarily because he wanted to, rather, he does it because he has been assigned to do it by the government authorities.

Community service is a job performed by an individual or group of people for the benefit of the community or its institutions and without any payment.

Volunteer service is any activity that is done out of one's own will and without any form of payment or reward for the benefit of others; not including his family members and relatives. 

Community service may be done around your locality of elsewhere. Schools, Churches, Government, NGO's or even individuals may organize and carry out community service.

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Benefits of Community Service

  1. You end up putting smiles on peoples face.

  2. Eradication certain diseases based on the nature of community service rendered.

  3. It can improve your CV.

  4. It may bring about personal fufillment.

  5. Helps gain experience when done frequently.

  6. It could clear certain guilt within an offender.

  7. Report suggests that it improves the overall mood and health.

  8. Letters of recommendation may be given to college students who pertake in community services.

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Amazing facts in Civic Education


Cooperation can be defined as the process of coming together, working together and helping one another to achieve a common goal

According to A.W Green 

Cooperation is the continuous and com­mon endeavor of two or more persons to perform a task or to reach a goal that is commonly cherished

According to F.E Merrill

Cooperation is a form of social interaction wherein two or more persons work together to gain a common end.

There is this saying from the chairman of Microsoft and it goes thus:

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning - Bill Gates

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1. Direct Cooperation

2. indirect Cooperation

3. Social Cooperation

4. Religious Cooperation

5. Financial Cooperation

6. Community Cooperation

7. Occupational Cooperation

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