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Postural defects that affect the spine or backbone Solutions to air pollution Len Academy Physical and Health Education questions for JSS1, 2nd Term Len Academy Physical and Health Education questions for JSS1, 2nd Term, Part 2 Posture and Postural Defects Tennis: The game of tennis with dimensions Domestic Accidents; Causes and Control of Domestic Accidents Air pollution: Effects of air pollution Drug Abuse, Causes of Drug Abuse in Adolescents Basketball: Rules of Basketball Careers in Physical and Health Education

Academic Questions in PHE

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The following are solutions to atmospheric pollution except _____.

  • A. Putting in place laws that discourages afforestation

  • B. Prohibition of bush burning

  • C. Implementation of vehicular checks and maintenance on roads

  • D. Industries should be located away from residential areas

  • E. Solar and wind energies should be considered as alternative sources of energy

  • F. Improved use of nitrogen fertilizers should be encouraged

The following are postural defects except _____.

  • A. Joint Legs

  • B. Forward Head Posture

  • C. Flatfoot

  • D. Genu Valgum

  • E. Uneven Shoulders

  • F. Bowlegs

Protruding abdomen - Len Academy

The above image (protruding abdomen) is not a postural defect.

  • A. True

  • B. False

The tennis grand slam tournament played on a grass court is the _____.

  • A. US Open

  • B. Australian Open

  • C. Wimbledon

  • D. French Open

  • E. Italian Open

  • F. English Open

Which of the following sport personnels isn't a notable female tennis player? (The firstname had been abbreviated in the options below).

  • A. S. Tsitsipas
  • B. M. Navratilova

  • C. M. Hinges

  • D. M. Sharapova

  • E. V. Williams

  • F. N. Osaka

Which of the following isn't a measure to prevent domestic accidents?

  • A. Alertness and use of common sense when doing things

  • B. Drugs should be kept of out reach of children

  • C. All electrical issues should be fixed by parents only

  • D. Living rooms, rest rooms, stores, bathrooms and kitchen should be properly lighted

  • E. Babies should be closely monitored by parents

  • F. Families should be oriented on the basic home safety rules

Which of the following is false concerning domestic accidents?

  • A. They are preventable

  • B. They always occur inside our homes

  • C. They occur within our environment

  • D. Food can lead to domestic accidents

  • E. Carelessness is a major cause of domestic accidents

  • F. According to reports, it is considered as one of the 4 major causes of death around the world

Which of the following is not an effect of pollution?

  • A. Contamination of food by disease vectors

  • B. Eutrophication

  • C. Formation of acid rain

  • D. Afforestation

  • E. Global warming

  • F. Demise of aquatic flora and fauna

Physical and Health Education:

Physical and Health Education is one of the important subjects taught in primary and secondary schools.

PHE or PE as it's fondly called, help students to balance academics with sports. It also builds students' skills and attitudes that will support a healthy lifestyle.

To work in this interesting field, one requires some sort of certification to back up their quest. A masters (or B.Sc) in Physical and Health Education is enough to land one a job and career.

You can attempt the Len Academy PHE examination questions for JSS1 here.

Below are some of the careers in physical and health education:

1. Sports Manager

As a sport manager, you will be required to be in charge of the daily operation of a team. In this case, you are expected to work as a coordinator; although your role could vary in different sports (even in a similar sport).

Take for instance, you may be required to coach or manage a football team, basketball team or a boxer. In such a case, you are likely to influence contract renewals and trade deals for your team.

When beginning your career as a sports manager, you will likely start from the bottom; mapping your way to the top through acquired technical experience gained along the course of the job.

Once you get to the top, your profile and achievments will always guarantee you better offers.

Note: One may also require additional certifications to work as a sport manager.


2. Sport Journalist

A journalist is a professional who reports news, current events or live events. As a sport journalist, you may want to choose a specific area(s) of sport. This could be football, wrestling or formula 1.

Like every other job, you will constantly gain experience in the course of your work, both on amateur and professional sports. You will report game statistics, analyse games and conduct interviews with the players and coaches.

You can also work for a private company, a radio or television house or government institutions.

Lastly, your job may require you to travel often; both within and outside the country.


3. Sport Personnel or Athlete

This is a lucrative career in PHE since those involved can become very popular and influential. As an instance, Christiano Ronaldo is a sport personnel (footballer) with the highest number of instagram followers globally (as at 2021). He also command massive followers on facebook and twitter respectively. Consequently, he is very rich and highly influential.

In order to become a sport athletic, trainings and development will typically begin from childhood. Such training requires dedication, hardwork and patience amongst other virtues. Most often, the athletic will start from a lowly ranked (or an unranked) state before gradually moving up the ladder of greatness towards becoming a superstar.

One can become a sport personnel or athlete in a variety of sports. These includes football, basketball, athletics, wrestling, formula one, golf, tennis, boxing, swimming, ultimate fighting championship (UFC) and so on.

Below are some renowned sport personnels and their respective fields:

  • Mohammed Ali - Boxing

  • Lionel Messi - Football

  • Usain Bolt - Athletics

  • Michael Jordan - Basketball

  • Christiano Ronaldo - Football

  • Tiger Woods - Golf

  • Roger Federer - Tennis

  • Mike Tyson - Boxing

  • Undertaker - Wrestling

  • Michael Schumacher - Formula one

  • LeBron James - Basketball

  • Serena Williams - Tennis

  • Anthony Joshua - Boxing

  • Lewis Hamilton - Formula one

  • Michael Phelps - Swimmer

  • Israel Adesanya - UFC


4. Physical Education (PE) Teacher | Physical and Health Education (PHE) Teacher

Your job here is to teach. You will be required to carry out practical on whatever you have taught, especially in topics relating to sports and exercise.

You will teach students to understand the rules of different sports while also developing their mental skills. You will also be required to incorporate health and nutrition topics into your classes.

You can read on the Rules of Basketball here.

Note: Teaching PHE or PE can be fun because most students and pupils enjoy sport and nutrition topics. Also, a PHE or PE teacher is often considered to be of great motivation to his or her students.


5. Gym Teacher or Fitness Instructor

A gym teacher also teaches Physical Education. As a gym teacher, it is your duty to demonstrate and teach your students or clients the correct techniques for various exercises. You will and also direct and show them how to use the gym instruments.

Also, You are required to encourage your students into taking the right diet while monitoring their physical health and well-being through exercises and other fitness activities.

Please read on Mineral Salts, their Sources, Functions and Deficiencies here.


6. Physical Therapist

Your role as a physical therapists (PTs) is to aid and assist patients. This is done by teaching them 'certain prescribed exercises'; and also educating them.

You will teach them how to manage their health condition in a physical way. It is your duty to care for your patients.

Please read on Posture and Postural Defects here.

While on this job, you will plan specific physical fitness exercises that will prevent disability in your patients when they age.

As a physical therapist, understand that your overall goal is to create an active lifestyle for your patients through physical exercises.

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Amazing facts in PHE

Boxing is a lucrative game. It is the only sport whereby neither the spectators nor the participants know the score through out the entire game.

The holes or curved indents in a gulf ball are called dimples. A gulf ball has a total of 366 dimples.

The dimples on the gulf ball allows a thin layer of air to cling on the ball's surface; as a result, reducing drag and allowing the ball to travel a longer distance

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