English past questions and Answers, WAEC, 1989

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English past questions and Answers, SSCE, 1989:

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined word

1. One of the armed was as daring in his words at the stake as the other was _____.

  1. morose
  2. secretive
  3. reckless
  4. timid
  5. rational


2. His outspokenness contrasts with the _____ of his father.

  1. humour
  2. sobriety
  3. deafness
  4. dumbness
  5. taciturnity


3. A gully which is a natural phenomenon could not be mistaken for a tunnel which is _____.

  1. supernatural
  2. false
  3. artificial
  4. imitative
  5. modern


4. It is curious how Bayo can be so carefree in his ways when his brother is so _____.

  1. meticulous
  2. eccentric
  3. easy-going
  4. lovable
  5. indifferent


5. Personally, I give in rather easily when it comes to argument but Emeka will always _____ to his opinions.

  1. hold in
  2. hold on
  3. give out
  4. hold off
  5. hold back


6. He intentionally threw the documents away and somebody _____ burnt them.

  1. carelessly
  2. willingly
  3. accidentally
  4. foolishly
  5. fortunately


7. The crops the farmer planted were _____ by some naughty boys.

  1. sowed
  2. weeded
  3. destroyed
  4. cultivated
  5. uprooted


8. The man refused to accept the offer of a job in the rural areas; he preferred one in the _____ area.

  1. local
  2. urban
  3. municipal
  4. township
  5. zonal


After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations of all or part of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretation you consider appropriate for each sentence

9. The candidates were told that passing the examination wasn’t a passport to getting an admission.

  1. a guarantee
  2. a suggestion in
  3. an equivalent
  4. a necessity for
  5. an intension for


10. She tried to throw dust in my eyes.

  1. blow dust into my eyes
  2. fight me
  3. rebuke me
  4. mislead me
  5. make me blind


11. Despite the different economic measures taken by the government, the country is not yet out of the wood.

  1. on the right path
  2. undeveloped
  3. generating enough money from its forest resources
  4. free from difficulties
  5. above comfort


12. Our house swept the board in the inter-house sports competition.

  1. prepared the field
  2. came last
  3. was completely successful
  4. was only partially successful
  5. won a consolation prize


13. The preacher advised those who lost their property in the fire outbreak that every cloud has a silver lining.

  1. the loss is common
  2. everybody must witness misfortune in life
  3. every cloud has some silvery lines behind it
  4. when there is life, there is hope
  5. there is a good side to all misfortunes


14. My father always advised me to take time by the forelock.

  1. use an opportunity promptly
  2. take things easy
  3. be cleaver
  4. always hurry up
  5. think twice before I act


15. Soyinka has made his mark in the literary world.

  1. become rich
  2. become distinguished
  3. scored high marks
  4. stressed his point
  5. won the competition for authors


16. The runners-up trophy which our school won was cold comfort for all the efforts we made.

  1. befitting reward
  2. wet comfort
  3. an affection consideration
  4. well deserved
  5. a poor consolation


17. Amina used to be hand glove with her boyfriend.

  1. cheat her boyfriend
  2. admire her boyfriend
  3. fight her boyfriend
  4. wear her boyfriend’s glove
  5. be close relations with her boyfriend


18. Chike escape the accident by a hair breadth.

  1. narrowly
  2. jumping
  3. seriously injured
  4. holding on to another person’s hear
  5. crying for help


Choose the word or group of words nearest in meaning to the underlined expression as it is used in the sentence

19. The decision taken by the panel is irrevocable.

  1. irreversible
  2. unexpected
  3. acceptable
  4. irresponsible
  5. unacceptable


20. Death is inevitable for man.

  1. unavoidable
  2. essential
  3. necessary
  4. immortal
  5. imminent


21. The superintendent was appalled by the attitude of some of the employees towards their work.

  1. annoyed
  2. disappointed
  3. shocked
  4. provoked
  5. depressed


22. The lawyer’s argument of the case was exhaustive.

  1. interesting
  2. exaggerating
  3. exhilarating
  4. thorough
  5. fascinating


23. The suspect was made to walk in the front of the anxious crowds.

  1. surprised
  2. astonished
  3. engrossed
  4. curious
  5. questionable


24. The principal’s orders are imperative.

  1. lenient
  2. authoritative
  3. genuine
  4. necessary
  5. optional


25. It is absurd to suggest that Tunde should marry that saucy lady.

  1. pitiable
  2. hopeless
  3. humorous
  4. untrue
  5. ridiculous


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