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Cooperation: Types of Cooperation

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Cooperation in civic education What is Honesty? Who is a Dishonest Person? Consequences of Dishonesty Cultism: Characteristics of Cultism Cultism: Reasons why people join Cults Illiteracy - Causes of Illiteracy Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations of a Citizen What is Civic Responsibility and Who is a Citizen? Reputation: How to build a good reputation Cooperation - Factors that promote Cooperation Cooperation: Types of Cooperation Attributes and Benefits of Honesty Meaning and Types of Values in Civic Education Community Service and Volunteer Service - Benefits of Community Service Consequences of Cultism and Solutions to Cultism Origin of Cultism in Nigeria Consequences and Solutions to Illiteracy Honesty - True Meaning of Honesty explained with its Attributes Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 3rd Term Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 2nd Term Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 1st Term

Academic Questions in Civic Education

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A legal process through which a citizen of one country gains citizenship into another country is termed _____.

  • A. International pass

  • B. Residential pass

  • C. Nationalization

  • D. Naturalization

  • E. Green card

  • F. Internationalization

A total estimation of a person's character and quality especially by those who know such person is termed _____.

  • A. Identity

  • B. Individual assessment

  • C. Behavior

  • D. Reputation

  • E. Principle

  • F. Cross examination

The following factors will promote cooperation except _____.

  • A. Achievement of a personal goal

  • B. Achievement of a common goal

  • C. Understanding the common goal

  • D. Understanding one another

  • E. Equality

  • F. None of the above options

Which of the following is not a benefit of honesty?

  • A. Respect and admiration is earned from other people

  • B. It makes one eligible for a greater responsibility

  • C. Honestly on oneself can eliminate negative peer pressure

  • D. It fosters a form of emotional, social and spiritual connection

  • E. Honestly leads to social segregation

  • F. Practicing honesty can favor goodwill

The attribute of honesty whereby a person is truthful, open and upright in whatever he or she does is termed _____.

  • A. Transparency

  • B. Contentment

  • C. Loyalty

  • D. Goodness

  • E. Reliability

  • F. Sincerity

Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding community service?

  • A. It is synonymous to volunteer service

  • B. It is defined as a service performed by an individual or group of people for the benefit of the community or its institutions without any form of payment

  • C. It can be done in any part of the world

  • D. Schools, churches and NGOs can carry out community service

  • E. Participating in community service can improve one's curriculum vitae

  • F. It may eradicate certain vectors wherever it is done

The following are consequences of cultism except _____.

  • A. Untimely death of members

  • B. They become feared by everyone

  • C. Expulsion of students involved in cultism from secondary and tertiary educational institutions

  • D. A cultist may go mad due to their brutal initiation processes

  • E. Cultists may end up as assassins, hired killers and robbers

  • F. They may end up bringing disgrace to themselves, their loved ones and families

Concerning cultism in Nigeria, the motto of the pyrates and magnificent seven was _____.

  • A. Against all odds

  • B. Against all limitations

  • C. Against all barriers

  • D. Against all enemies

  • E. Against all conventions

  • F. Against all evils



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Types of Cooperation:

Cooperation is defined as the process of coming together, working together and helping one another to achieve a common goal.

Cooperation can be achieved either directly or indirectly depending on the type of activity carried out. For this reason, the types of cooperation are generally considered as direct or indirect.

Please read on an introduction to cooperation in civic education here.

  • Direct Cooperation

Cooperation is said to be direct when similar activities are carried out by a group in order to achieve a specific goal. Think of it as a group of people who carry out the same work (or activity) in order to achieve a common goal.

Examples of direct cooperation will include:

  • Students studying together in order to pass a similar examination.
  • Group of congregation praying together for a common purpose.
  • The players of the same football team working together (during a football match) in order to win the world cup.

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  • Indirect Cooperation

Cooperation is considered to be indirect when different activities are carried out in order to achieve a similar or specific goal.

Division of labor is an example of an indirect cooperation since the different individuals working together specializes in their respective (different) field.

Using the banking institution as an instance, the cashier collects money from the customers, the IT personnel oversees the computers and other IT facility, the cleaner does her specific job, the security guards oversees both external and internal securities and so on.

Please read on conflict management and ways to reduce conflicts in organizations.

We have other types of cooperation that exist around us; and such cooperation will be based on the environment we find ourselves.

Below are types of cooperation based on our environment:

1. Social Cooperation

Social cooperation is usually common among social groups.

Please read on the meaning and objectives of social studies here.

Within these social groups, the members are expected to work together towards the common good of the group. For instance, fans of a football team will usually come together to support and cheer up their team during a football match.

Whenever football fans unite and cooperate in this manner, some football analyst may refer to them as the '12th' man on the pitch for their specific football club.


2. Religious Cooperation

Religious cooperation will consist of people with the same faith and belief coming together under one head.

The christians will usually unite under one head in the person of Jesus Christ. Similarly, the Islamic faithful will also unite under one head.

You can read on Jesus' teaching on forgiveness here.

In some countries; for instance Nigeria, associations are formed by these religious groups. Some of these associations will include the 'Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs' and the 'Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)'.


3. Financial Cooperation

Financial cooperation is quite common in the past.

Here, different individuals come together to form a group where they contribute money with the aim of lending it to members of the group, one after the other. Each person may take their turn weekly or monthly depending on the agreement of the members within this group.

Groups that embark on financial cooperation are called cooperative society,

You can read on the sole proprietorship business structure here.


4. Community Cooperation

Community cooperation is seen in our respective communities, with an ultimate goal of developing the community where they are present.

If the government fails to perform its function in a community (let's say; the building of a community health center with its necessary infrastructure), the members of such community may cooperate towards delivering such project.

Please read on the concept of a citizen and their responsibilities here.

Other projects that may be achieved through community cooperation will include:

  • Building of community roads.
  • Erecting a community water supply.
  • Power generation for the community.
  • Empowerment of the youths within the community.
  • Creation of proper drainage system in the community.
  • Building an educational institution where students from the community are opportuned to get massive discounts.

Please read more on community and volunteer service here.


5. Trade or Occupational Cooperation

Trade or occupational cooperation is said to occur when members of the same trade come together for the common goal and development of their respective trade.

Trade cooperation is generally seen around us, and most often, the people comprising this group will fight for their rights if need be, even against the government.

Please read on pressure group here.

Example of trade/occupational cooperation present in Nigeria include:

  • Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)
  • Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT)
  • National Union of Journalists (NUJ)
  • Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)
  • Trade Union Congress of Nigeria
  • Importers Association of Nigeria
  • Scrap Dealer Association of Nigeria

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Amazing facts in Civic Education

Canadians are so popular for being incredibly polite. For this reason, the province of Ontario in 2009 passed the 'Apology Act'. The apology act states that:

Saying 'sorry', which can be an expression of sympathy or regret can't legally be considered an admission of guilt or fault


Cooperation can be defined as the process of coming together, working together and helping one another to achieve a common goal

According to A.W Green

Cooperation is the continuous and common endeavor of two or more persons to perform a task or to reach a goal that is commonly cherished

According to F.E Merrill

Cooperation is a form of social interaction wherein two or more persons work together to gain a common end.

There is this saying from the chairman of Microsoft concerning cooperation; and it goes thus:

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning - Bill Gates

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Types of Cooperation:

  • Direct cooperation
  • Indirect cooperation
  • Social cooperation
  • Religious cooperation
  • Financial cooperation
  • Community cooperation
  • Occupational cooperation

Please read the details on the types of cooperation here

All human beings are entitled to their rights (human rights); but the truth is, we still have got limitations to some of these rights of ours. Below are 4 limitations:

  1. Soldiers have the right to life but when duty calls, they must be willing to die for their nation if need be.
  2. Although human beings have the right to movement, an insane person may be deprived of this right.
  3. Right to owning a property can be taken away. For instance, if a person is convicted of owning a property through corruption, stealing or another illegal means, such person will be punished in accordance with the law. Their right to those properties will be taken away.
  4. One who uses the right to freedom of speech in bringing about chaos in a democratized society will be penalized by the court of law.

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