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Definitions of technology and their explanations Examples of technology Forms of technology explained with their differences Types of chain drive Types of belt drive Types of Ceramics Advantages and Disadvantages of Chain Drives Len Academy Questions for Basic Technology JSS3, 2nd Term Len Academy Basic Technology Questions, JSS3 Belt and Pulley Drives: Types of belt in belt drives Refrigerator as an electromechanical device, its parts and operations What is chain drive? Classification of chain drive What are Belt Drives? Advantages and Disadvantages of Belt Drives Type of Lines in Technical Drawings Len Academy questions for Basic Technology, JSS2, 2nd Term Len Academy questions for Basic Technology JSS2, 2nd Term, Part 2 What is Maintenance? Types of Maintenance Hardwood and Softwood - Characteristics and Examples What are Ceramics? Characteristics of Ceramics

Academic Questions in Basic Technology

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The _____ functions to remove excess heat from the refrigerator.

  • A. Evaporator

  • B. Compressor

  • C. Condenser

  • D. Expansion Valve

  • E. Thermostat

  • F. Defrost System

A fluid or gas that runs through the compartments of a refrigerator is termed _____.

  • A. Water vapor

  • B. Liquid vapor

  • C. Frost

  • D. Refrigerant

  • E. Compressed water

  • F. Evaporated water

Current flows through a path called _____.

  • A. Electricity

  • B. Electric Route

  • C. Electrolysis

  • D. Transformer

  • E. High Tension

  • F. Electric Circuit

Googles are safety wears.

  • A. True

  • B. False

Which of the following is false concerning advanced ceramics?

  • A. They can be made from metallic oxides

  • B. They are very hard and durable

  • C. They are corrosion resistant

  • D. They are fired in the presence of oxygen

  • E. They are fired at a very high temperature of about 1700oC

  • F. They can be made from non-oxides such as carbides and borides

A thin continuous line is used for representing the followings except _____.

  • A. Intersections

  • B. Hatching lines

  • C. Long breaks

  • D. Diagonal line used to state plane surfaces

  • E. Leader lines

  • F. Back section lines

Inverted toothed chain drive - Len Academy

With regards to chain drives, the diagram above is a/an _____ chain.

  • A. Roller

  • B. Silent

  • C. Leaf

  • D. Flat-top

  • E. Detachable

  • F. Acceleration

A type of chain drive commonly used in bicycles is the _____ chain.

  • A. Roller

  • B. Silent

  • C. Leaf

  • D. Flat-top

  • E. Detachable

  • F. Acceleration

Examples of Technology:

We live in a world of technology. Technology in this instance refers to the application of science, engineering and industrial organization to create a human-built world. Interestingly, the fact that you are able to read this article is a function of technology.

Meanwhile, understand that the above introduction to the term 'technology' is just one of the numerous definitions of technology.

Please read more on the various definitions of technology here.


The human world at this point in time is powered by technology. These instances of technology are seen in education, communication, sports, transportation, business, agriculture, manufacturing industries, medicine, homes, security, religion, welfare, warfare and the internet at large.

Please read on the internet and world wide web here.


It is noteworthy to state that the internet is a landmark technology that has revolutionized the world. In fact, the contents of this website (Len Academy) which you are reading utilizes the internet as its underlying networking technology, alongside your client devices like computers, phones and tablets through which you access these academic resources from a cloud based server.

Please read the introduction to computer networks here.


The technology of the internet is applied to education, smart homes, cars, communication, finances, advertisments, agriculture, sports, security and so much more.

Please read on the internet of things here.


The table below shows various fields of technological discoveries and their respective products of technology.


Fields of Technology Products of Technology
Communication Computers, phones, tablets, SIM cards, headphones, ear pieces, bluetooth, android and IOS chat applications, smart devices, social media, emails, vlog, websites, internet, podcast, SMS, loudspeakers, projectors, posters, fliers, television, radio and so on. These technologies may utilize a form of network at its core.
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Transportation Cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, ships, electric automobiles, magnetic levitation (maglev) trains, multi-directional elevators, ferries, spaceships, drones, hypersonic air travel, motorcycles, bicycles and speedboats. These technologies  bring about an ease of movement. Alongside communication technologies, they make the world a global village.
Please read on the means and modes of transportation here.
Agriculture They include agricultural machines like tractors, plough, irrigation sprinklers, cultivator, reaper, subsoiler, harrows, mowers, balers, planters and combine harvesters. Agricultural technology also involves the production of better seeds for planting, better animal breeds, fertilizers, soil and water sensors, irrigation system, pervasive automation, minichromosomal technology and so on.
Please read more on agricultural machines and their uses here.
Sports Goal-line technology in football, video assistant referee (VAR) in football, virtual reality, instant replay, computerized scoring in bowling, rader gun in baseball, multi-faced above the rim shot clock in basketball, the television in gulf, above the net camera in hockey, heart monitor used by trainers, formula 1 (F1) cars, cyclops and hawkeye tracking system in tennis, flying drones and camera movements, sport wears, jerseys and equipment. These technological advancement improves the sporting activities.
Business and Finance Products of technology includes e-commerce websites, physical banking structures, financial application, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital and cloud banking, bank vault, electronic doors, ATM machines, debit and credit cards, payment gateways, robotic process automation (RPA), cyber security, big data, machine learning and so on.
You can read on debit and credit cards here.
Medicine Technological discoveries include the development of vaccines, drugs, surgical tools, cancer immunotherapy, digital therapeutics, incubators, ultrasound scan, wearables in healthcare, intensive care unit (ICU), remote patient monitoring and virtual care. These technologies are crucial in saving lives.
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Education Smart school systems, writing boards, projectors, textbooks, computers, academic bags, pen, pencils, academic applications, internet and educational websites like Len Academy. These technologies have significantly transformed the way we learn.
Please read on the Len Academy smart school software here.
Politics Electronic voting equipment, fingerprint biometrics, face scanner, electronic cards, campaign tools through social media, advertisment jingles, posters and fliers are all technological discoveries applied in politics.
Security Cloud storage, firewalls, intrusion detection system (IDS). intrusion prevention system (IPS), two factor authentication, data encryption, data erasure, guns, armored cars, nuclear weapons, artillery, bulletproof vest, swords, fighter jets, helmets, boots, CCTV, face scanner, barcode scanner, metal detector, face unlock, antivirus, fingerprint biometrics, passwords and pins. These security technologies are used by nations, industries and individuals to protect themselves and their valuable assets.
Homes Technologies present in homes include smart television, home theater system, CCTV, smart doors, microwaves, blenders, oven, cooking gas, smoke detector, refrigerator, air conditioners, chairs, tiles, wardrobes and so on. They provide comfortability, relaxation and entertainment.
Entertainment Phones, video games, cameras, social media applications, lounge facility, animations, graphic designs, music and video production equipment, sound systems, football and other sports are all technologies for entertainment.
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Religion Products of technology utilized in religious activities include microphones, loudspeakers, religious applications on phones, tablets and computers, projectors, social media apps like facebook and youtube, religious attires, candles, chaplets and so on. They help in propagating the messages of various religion.
Please read on Jesus' teaching on forgiveness here.
Refining of crude oil Fuel gas, petrol, kerosine, diesel oil, gas oil, bitumen, wax, naphtha, LPG, refinery gas, lubricating oil, fuel oil and paraffin are products of refined crude oil. The technologies of transportation require some of these petrochemicals to function.
Please read more on fractional distillation of crude oil here.
Internet The era of internet is here with us. The internet technology is considered a technological revolution that have transformed our world, and will continue to transform it. This is true because anything, including humans can become connected to the internet. At present, various devices and equipment require the internet technology to carry out their functions.
In summary, most of the divices in the aforementioned technological fields require the internet for optimal functioning.


Please read on the forms of technology here.

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Amazing facts in Basic Technology

Rubber bands - Len Academy

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated

Lighter was invented before matches

Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner was credited with the invention of lighter in 1826 while the match was made 3 years later

Volkswagen group of companies own some of the top cars of the world. These are Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini and Porsche

Notable points in Basic Technology

Arrowhead Lines - Len Academy

Arrowhead lines are lines with pointed edges at one or both ends. The pointed edges are in the form of an arrow.

Arrowhead lines are used:

  • At the end of dimensional lines.

  • As measurement lines.

Please read more on types of line here.

A thin continuous line could be a straight or curved line. However, the main point to remember is this: 'it is a tiny line with no dot or dashes within it'.


A thin continuous line is used for representing the followings:

  • Projection lines

  • Hatching lines

  • Construction lines

  • Short center lines

  • Measurement lines

  • Diagonal lines used to state plane surfaces

  • Intersections

  • Leader lines

  • Backside section lines

Any action that involves the servicing, checking, replacing and repairing of an equipment, object or device is termed maintenance.

Maintenance has two main goals. These are:

  1. To prevent a breakdown

  2. To repair the breakdown


Below are the types of maintenance:

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance

  • Reinforcement

  • Overhaul

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Softwoods are often derived from coniferous trees, that is: trees with needle-like leaves, and whose seeds are covered in cones.

Below are some characteristics of softwood:

  • Most softwood have lower densities than hardwood (weighs lower).

  • In terms of price, they are often less expensive than hardwood.

  • Their growth rate is faster than hardwood.

  • Most softwood do not shed their needle-like leaves during the year. However, the softwood 'larch' and 'cypress' are exceptions.

  • They are less fire resistant.

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The diagram below shows the various types of line in technical drawing, their description and general application:

Type of Lines - Len Academy

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