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Academic Questions in English

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The plural form of Governor-General is _____.

  • A. Governor-General

  • B. Governor-Generals

  • C. Governors-Generals

  • D. Governors-General

  • C. Governor-Generals'

  • D. Governor's-General

Concerning informal essays, which of the following statement is correct?

  • A. They aren't personal

  • B. They require your name and signature

  • C. Excessive salutation may be used

  • D. Slangs cannot be used

  • E. Colloquialism are not required

  • F. They typically end with 'Yours Faithfully'

We had five _____ as special guests during the ceremony.

  • A. court-martial
  • B. courts-martial
  • C. court-martials
  • D. courts-martials
  • E. none of the above
  • F. all of the above

We asked the carpenter to make ten _____ for the students but he declined.

  • A. furnitures
  • B. furniture
  • C. furnituries
  • D. furniturs
  • E. furniturries
  • F. Furniture(s)

The idiom 'to go in with somebody' means _____.

  • A. To support someone financially
  • B. To support someone spiritually
  • C. To support someone mentally
  • D. To live in the same room with someone
  • E. To live in the same house with someone
  • F. To live in the same home with someone


Homonyms are words with the same spellings, same sounds but different meanings.

Below are some sentences containing homonyms with their respective meanings:

  • Keen

We have a keen match against Ronaldo’s team and Messi seems to be keen.

Keen: An involvement of people competing very hard for something.

Keen: Very interested in something.

  • Tear

Regardless the tear you shed, Mr. Frank will still tear your examination scripts.

Tear: The drop of liquid that comes out from a person's eye when they cry.

Tear: To damage something by pulling or cutting it apart.

  • Jot

There isn't any jot of truth in what he said, so I didn't jot anything down.

Jot: A very small amount of something

Jot: To write something quickly

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