Len Academy Smart School Software

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Dear esteemed reader, we are pleased in your interest in the Len Academy Smart School Software. You will earn N40,000 for each school that uses this software via your recommendation.

Below are some of its features:

  • The Len Academy smart school software is guaranteed to increase the number and quality of students in your school, teaching qualities of staff, learning curves of students and financial revenue to your school due to it's carefully blended academic, social and administrative features.

  • It has 10 different databases for your school; all of which are uniquely displayed for in-depth analysis.

  • It can be easily customized to your school's identity with a single click.

  • It has a secure online school fees payment system with a structured arrangement of all transactions.

  • It presents an excellent and interactive academic blog (with facebook-like features) guaranteed to be loved by all students. An instance on a topic titled 'The beauty of Suffering' as posted by a student on this Academic Blog is shown below (phone view):

Len Academy School Management System

Below is a comment section (screenshot of comments) made by students under the above write-up (mobile/phone view):

Len Academy School Management System

  • The Len Academy Smart School System makes available downloadable and printable e-lesson notes for all academic subjects: and are customized to your school's identity. An instance on the 'week 1 lesson note on Biology (SS1)' is shown below (phone view):

Len Academy School Management System

Note: The above instance of the downloadable and printable e_lesson notes will be fully customized to your school.

  • The e-assignments with e-grading systems of the Len Academy Smart School System are next to none.

  • Feedback reporting system that gives a thorough insight into the hardworking, dedicated, and talented teachers. In fact, the teachers' functional analysis are tracked by the appropriate administrator via this system.

  • Excellent e-report sheet on student's termly assessment that can be downloaded or printed.

  • The Len Academy Smart School System presents an organized one-time e-student registration that include student image upload with their login credentials into the smart school software.

  • It presents the 'hall of fame dashboard' that encourages student towards education and learning.

  • It includes a user friendly articles page where student can exhibit their writing skills, social skills and other God given talent of theirs.

  • Customizable academic calendar, scheme of work, recommended textbooks, timetables, Assembly guides and many more.

  • It present a great user interface and user experience for students, staff and administrative duties, with its main dashboard showcasing your school's quantitative and graphical summary with indept analysis

Len Academy School Management System

  • And many more smart features at an amazingly unbelievable price.

Note: In addition to these smart features of the Len Academy School Management Software, we will also act as the one stop solution to all your school's IT needs at no extra cost.

Below are the processes to follow in order to enjoy the Len Academy smart school system which is guaranteed to increase the edacational and financial values of your school:

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  1. Register with Len Academy
  2. Go to your profile

  3. Fill out the Len Academy Smart School Form


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