What is Forgiveness? Jesus' teaching on Forgiveness

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_____ is the first son of Jacob.

  • A. Benjamin

  • B. Reuben

  • C. Gideon

  • D. Joseph

  • E. Seth

  • F. Absalom

What was Joseph's interpretation of the chief baker's dream?

  • A. He will be restored to his former position

  • B. He will be hung to death and birds will eat his remains

  • C. He will see his family again

  • D. He will remain the chief baker of the prison

  • E. He will die in prison

  • F. He will be shown mercy by the king

Joseph is the _____ son of Jacob.

  • A. 3rd

  • B. 5th

  • C. 7th

  • D. 9th

  • E. 11th

  • F. 12th

The sun was created on the _____ day.

  • A. First
  • B. Second
  • C. Third
  • D. Fourth
  • E. Fifth
  • F. Sixth

Which of the following statement is INCORRECT regarding the biblical account of creation as contained in Genesis Chapter 1.

  • A. Light is the first of God's creation
  • B. On the first day, evening passed and morning came
  • C. God created a dome and named it sky on the second day
  • D. God himself named the darkness night and the light day
  • E. God dedicated the sixth day specifically for the creation of human beings
  • F. God created the sea creatures and the birds on the same day

By the term 'God is Sovereign', we mean that _____.

  • A. God is powerful
  • B. God is love
  • C. God is at the top of all
  • D. God is all merciful
  • E. God is all faithful
  • F. God is Trinity

Jealousy is one of the attributes of God


Noah had three sons after he was _____ years old.

  1. 60
  2. 75
  3. 100
  4. 120
  5. 350
  6. 500



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What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a vital part of Christianity. It is a fundamental and practical requirement for our salvation. To this end, Jesus emphasized more on forgiveness and love during his life on earth. Infact, he demonstrated it with his last words and actions on the cross.

Father forgive them for the know not what they are doing.

Luke 23:24

Please read the consequences of Adam and Eve's disobedience here.

Everyone deserves to be forgiven, no matter the magnitude of their offence against us. This may look like a very difficult pill to swallow but in reality, to forgive does not always mean to forget; neither does it imply condoning offenses.

The acts and processes of forgiveness can be tough and difficult but if Jesus, the son of God and our leader can forgive his gruesome crucifiers (and us) on the cross of calvary, how much more we his followers.

The very act of forgiveness is always a conscious and deliberate action. According to psychologists (those who study the mind and behavior), it is defined thus:

Forgiveness is defined as a deliberate and conscious decision of letting go the feelings of vengeance and hate towards a person (or group of persons) that has offended you, no matter the magnitude of their offence and regardless whether they deserve your forgiveness or not.

Note: Forgiveness will typically require the offender to show remorse for his or her evil action but sometimes, the offended (for their own good) may be required to forgive, even when the offender becomes too blind to acknowledge their evil acts.

A perfect example of the latter is seen in Jesus' death on the cross. His death pleads mercy and forgiveness for those that had died, those currently living on earth and the unborn generations. In short, Jesus died for us while we were still sinners.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

Please read on the biblical account of human disobedience here.

Beginning with the Lord's prayer, Jesus reflected the importance of forgiveness when he said:

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors

Matthew 6:12

In the above line of prayer, we act as both the offender and the offended. This is true because all of us are guilty of sin.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

Romans 3:23

Similarly, others would have hurt us at one point in time; and in a sinful way (which makes us the offended). In this light, we are therefore commanded to forgive one another in order to enjoy God's forgiveness. Jesus confirmed this command on forgiveness when he said:

If you forgive others the wrongs they have done to you, your Father in heaven will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive the wrongs you have done.

Matthew 6:14-15

Note: To forgive those who hurt us isn't an option. It's a command from Jesus himself.

You can read on the morals of the parable of prodigal son here.

Again, Jesus furthered his instructions on forgiveness when he told the story of an unforgiving servant. (Matthew 18:21-35).

  • In his story, the king forgave a servant of his who had no means whatsoever to pay the debt he owed (after he begged for more time in an attempt to pay off all he owed).

  • On his way out, this servant met his fellow servant who owed him something of lesser value (compared to what he owed the king). Although his fellow servant pleaded for more time to pay back while on his knees, he never granted him time nor mercy.

  • His wicked act of unforgiveness got to the king and this made him very furious with the servant he had already forgiven.

  • The king called him a 'wicked servant', and made sure he was justly punished for his actions until he had paid back all he owed.

    You can read on the leadership qualities of Joseph that has transformed lives here.

Apparently, the events that led to the above story was triggered from a question on 'forgiveness'.

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, 'Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times'?

Jesus answered, 'I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven'.

Matthew 18:21-22

From the above conversation, Peter thought he would be very generous with his own kind of forgiveness (that is, to forgive only 7 times). However, Jesus replied - 'Not seven times but seventy times seven'.

Note: By 'seventy times seven', Jesus implied that our acts of forgiveness must be unlimited. Infact this was what prompted him to teach them the magnitude of forgiveness via the story of the unforgiving servant (as summarized above).

Please read on the attributes of God here.

Jesus showed that our action of forgiving others is even greater than our sacrifice. Without mincing words, he said:

Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.

Matthew 5:23-24

Please read on the continuation of this article here alongside the importance of forgiveness.

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Amazing facts in CRS

The last word in the Bible is 'Amen'.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen

Revelation 22:21

The shortest verse in the bible is found in John chapter 11 verse 35. It reads:

Jesus wept

If you translate 'Jesus' from Hebrew directly to English, the correct translation will be 'Joshua'. The name Jesus was actually a translation from Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin and finally, English


Our world will change for the better the moment we start accepting suffering; while also practically assisting and praying for those who suffer.

The beauty of Jesus' suffering is the many that will be saved by his blood.

Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

I don't believe I have special talents, I have persistence. After the first failure, second failure, third failure, I kept trying.

Carlo Rubbia, Nobel price winning physicist

Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophy.

Sumner Redstone

Think about the suffering a woman in labour would pass through but after that comes the bigger joy of seeing her baby.

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Beauty of Suffering - Len Academy​​​​​​According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP);

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.

Pain is a sign that something unpleasant is about to happen, is happening or had happened. It creates a memory to avoid facing another future (similar) danger. For instance, think of 'a baby and a fire'. The baby touched the fire previously and got hurt. Now when he encounters the fire, he won’t touch it.

As we grow, we experience different forms of suffering, some of which will define our destiny. Consider this instance of a legendary footballer below:

  • Christiano Ronaldo is a footballer who had achieved greatness because he spent extra hours on trainings, fitness and hard-work. We can see the efforts of his work on the pitch. If he had gone about drinking, trying to avoid the stress and suffering of trainings, he may not have become what he is.

  • Also, students suffer sleepless nights to get good grades.

Without suffering and pains, we would not properly understand the true meanings of love, joy, faith, hope, contentment, perseverance and victory. All of these things happen because of suffering.

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The Sovereignty of God simply implies that God is at the top of all things.

Below are some facts that expresses God's Sovereignty:

  1. God is above all things and before all things.

  2. God is the creator of all things.

  3. God is omniscient. He knows all things: past, present and future.

  4. God can do and accomplish all things.

  5. God is in control of all things and rules over all things.

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The term 'sovereign' relates to words like:

Supreme, Ruler, Greatest, Unlimited and Total

Based on the above, the sovereignty of God can be expressed in different views. For instance:

  1. God is Sovereign because he is above all things.
  2. God is Sovereign because he is in control of all things. 🌍
  3. God is Sovereign because he is at the top of all things.
  4. God is Sovereign because he has knowledge of all that 'has happened', 'is happening' and 'will happen in the future'.
  5. God is Sovereign because he can do all things.

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