JAMB past question, English, 2010, part 2

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JAMB past question, English, 2010:


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In each of questions 51 to 65, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrase in italics

51. A political Impasse does not offer the best opportunity for merrymaking
(a) manifesto
(b) party
(c) gridlock
(d) rally

52. We were all enthusiastic as we awaited the result of the election

53. The uniform makes the guards look absurd
(a) dirty
(b) smart
(c) sensible
(d) ridiculous

54. The law is often tardy in reacting to changing attitude
(a) quick
(b) slow
(c) exclusive
(d) generous

55. Isa and llu ate sumptuous meal on their brother’s wedding day
(a) expensive
(b) foreign
(c) insipid
(d) cheap

56. Kaltume crouched over the paper on her desk
(a) wrote on
(b) stood on
(c) walked over
(d) bent over

57. The panacea for a country’s economic mess lies in systematic planning and hardwork
(a) cure
(b) hope
(c) foresight
(d) trouble

58. Thousands of workers have been victims of retrenchment since the military came back to power
(a) Unemployment
(b) Trench mentality
(c) Suffering
(d) Increase in penury

59. The principal gave his speech offhand at the sports meeting
(a) calmly
(b) beautifully
(c) Unconcerned
(d) Unprepared

60. Jankoli was dressed in an old assortment of clothes
(a) Avalanche
(b) Homogeneity
(c) Sameness
(d) Melange

61. The girl’s father was astounded to see her appear from the shrine
(a) collected
(b) Overwhelmed
(c) embarrassed

62. The director’s remark was extremely apposite to the  issue being discussed
(a) Appropriate
(c) Emphatic
(d) Adquate

63. Her reputation is without a blemish
(a) Struggle
(c) Fault
(d) Blessing

64. Ugo is eligible for the post of secretary
(a) Nominated
(b) Invited
(c) Qualified
(d) Intelligent

65. This is an abridged version of "No Longer at Ease"
(a) An outdated
(b) An enlarged
(c) An illustrated
(d) A shortened


In each of question 66 to 85, choose the option that best completes the gap(s)

66. Lemoti……… as a painter, but also as a sculptor
(a) is a gifted only not
(b) is only not gifted
(c) is gifted not only
(d) is only gifted

67. He can recall the important dates in the nation’s history, it is interesting to listen as he rattles ………
(a) off
(b) over
(c) up
(d) out

68. The boy told his mother ……..
(a) that was the girl he told her about
(b) that was the girl I told you about her
(c) that was the girl I told her about
(d) that is the girl he told her about

69. Last Monday his father asked me ……..
(a) if I had come some days before
(b) if I had come the day before
(c) did you come yesterday
(d) had I come yesterday

70. His wife was badly injured in the fracas, but I think she will pull …….
(a) up
(b) over
(c) through
(d) back

71. A wide range of options …….. made available to students in the final year last year
(a) is
(b) were
(c) are
(d) was

72. One of the women who …….. in the premises ……. been ordered to quit
(a) sells/have
(b) sell/has
(c) sell/have
(d) sells/has

73. The new trade agreement should facilitate………
(a) more economic rapid growth
(b) economic more rapid growth
(c) rapid economic more growth
(d)more rapid economic growth

74.The principal said that he was pleased……… my effort
(b) of
(c) with
(d) about

75. Paper is made……. woodpulp
(a) on
(b) of
(d) with

76. Long after everyone…….. the hall, obi still sat inside
(a) left
(b) is leaving
(c) has left
(d) had left

77. They are the…….. dresses
(a) babys’
(b) baby
(c) babies
(d) babies’

78. The politician was sent……. exile
(a) onto
(b) into
(c) on
(d) to

79. When we looked up, we…….. the plane some miles away
(a) site
(b) cited
(c) sited
(d) sighted

80. Vital….. is still spread….. word of mouth in most villages in Africa
(a) information/from
(b) information/with
(c) information/by

81. Western education is one of the….. of colonial rule
(a) legacies
(b) evidence
(c) remnants
(d) inheritance

82. The federal government has…… child trafficking
(a) postulated
(b) projected
(c) prescribed
(d) proscribed

83. The man was happy that his son confessed his guilt and so the others were……
(a) Implicated
(b) accused
(c) punished
(d) exonerated

84. Based on the facts before me, i have no alternative…… to hold you responsible
(a) only
(b) as
(c) than
(d) but

85. Many people would always find reasons to……the law
(a) arrogate
(b) debase
(c) circumvent
(d) circumspect


In each of questions 86 to 88, choose the option that has the same Vowel sound as the one represented by the letters underlined.

86. Coup 
(a) whup
(b) hoot
(c) couple
(d) scout

87. Indict
(a) bright
(b) fish
(c) pick
(d) brick

88. Roared
(a) towered
(b) coast
(c) brought
(d) rod


In each of the questions 89 to 91, choose the option  that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by letter(s) underlined

89. Sheath
(a) bathe
(b) length
(c) months
(d) paths

90. High
(a) what
(b) honest
(c) who
(d) vehicle

91. Of course
(a) plough
(b) dough
(c) over
(d) orphan


In each of question 92 to 94, choose the option that rhymes with the given word.

92. Boys
(a) stays
(b) moist
(c) noise
(d) elbows

93. Shine
(a) clean
(b) fine
(c) machine
(d) lain

94. Seer
(a) snare
(b) spare
(c) spear
(d) square


In each o f question 95 to 97, choose the most appropriate stress pattern from the options. The stressed syllable are written in capital letter(s)

95. Political
(a) politiCAL
(b) POlitical
(c) poliTIcal
(d) poLItical

96. Satisfactory
(a) satisfacTORY
(b) saTISfactory
(c) SATisfactory
(d) satisfactory

(a) captiviTY
(b) captiVIty
(c) capTIvity
(d) CAPtivity


In each of question 98 to 100, the word in capital letters has the emphasis. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates

98. EMEKA finished his home work yesterday
(a) Was Emeka helped to do his home work?
(b) Did Emeka do his home work ?
(c) When did Emeka finish his home work?
(d) Who finished his home work yesterday

99. Taiwo SAILED to London
(a) Did Taiwo fly to London ?
(b) Did Taiwo sail to Brazil?
(c) Did Taiwo sail to London?
(d) Where did Taiwo sail to?

100. My bag is made of LEATHER
(a) Whose bag is made of leather
(b) Is my bag made of polythene?
(c) Is Abu’s bag made of leather?
(d) Is my bag made of leather 


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