English past questions and answers, WAEC, 1989, part 2

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English past questions and Answers, SSCE, 1989:

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26. I am very proud to speak before this august assembly.

  1. ignominious
  2. undignified
  3. monthly
  4. untrue
  5. popular


27. She tried to settle the quarrel but the man remained obstinate to listen to her.

  1. offensive
  2. angry
  3. stubborn
  4. unstable
  5. impolite


28. Okon attempted to entice Eno with the promise of a handsome sum of money.

  1. deceive
  2. enchant
  3. force
  4. trick
  5. tempt


29. The monk lived an ascetic life in order to discipline himself.

  1. a holy
  2. a religious
  3. an enjoyable
  4. a prayerful
  5. an austere


After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations of all or part of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider appropriate for each sentence

30. Despite the newness of the job, the workers were remunerated rather handsomely. This means that

  1. the sum paid was poor
  2. those paid were handsome in appearance
  3. the system of payment was quite attractive
  4. the sum paid out was quite attractive
  5. the workers were paid by handsome officials


31. The plan to upgrade the dispensary to a general hospital did not materialize. This means that

  1. the arrangement did not work out as wished
  2. the plan was badly executed
  3. it was difficult to obtain the materials
  4. the materials purchased were not the right ones
  5. the plan did not meet the required specifications


32. When the principal was asked what his opinion was on the controversial issue, his reply was ambiguous. This means that the principal’s reply was not

  1. convincing
  2. audible
  3. intelligent
  4. clear
  5. comprehensive


33. Even though Susan was the last in the examination, her result wasn’t too different from what had been expected. This means that

  1. her result was a disappointment
  2. her result was as expected
  3. she had not been serious with her studies
  4. her result was known early
  5. her poor performance made her feel sad


34. Despite their strangely unrefined behavior, the foreigners were given preferential treatment. This means that the foreigners were

  1. ill-treated because of their coarseness
  2. cautioned before they were attended to
  3. well-treated despite their rudeness
  4. not attended to because of their behavior
  5. sorry for their unrefined behavior


From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the one that best completes each of the following sentences

35. Mrs. Adams purchased _____.

  1. a pure leather bag imported
  2. an imported pure leather bag
  3. a leather bag imported pure
  4. an imported bag pure leather


36. The students protested against the _____.

  1. thrice sports weekly practice
  2. weekly sport practice trice
  3. thrice weekly sports practice
  4. weekly trice sports practice


37. It was apparent that we were being _____ by the heat as soon as the air conditioner was switched off.

  1. beaten
  2. stifled
  3. attacked
  4. bitten


38. The eldest son took a foolish decision which made him _____ his claim to the additional chieftaincy title.

  1. neglect
  2. yield
  3. disclaim
  4. forfeit


39. Jumai’s stay in the hotel afforded her _____ chance to do her writing.

  1. ample
  2. insufficient
  3. powerful
  4. opportune


40. If I _____ what actually happened, I would have punished him.

  1. had heard
  2. have had
  3. had had
  4. have heard


41. It _____ if the leader of the group had come with them.

  1. will have been better
  2. ought to have being better
  3. would have been better
  4. shall have been better


42. It is time we _____ for the party.

  1. leave
  2. left
  3. have to leave
  4. will leave


43. The suspect _____ when I entered the office.

  1. has been questioned
  2. have been questioned
  3. was being questioned
  4. is being questioned


44. She _____ before I entered the office.

  1. has to be questioned
  2. has been questioned
  3. have been questioned
  4. had been questioned


45. The president’s speech _____ at 7 P.M yesterday.

  1. is broadcast
  2. has been broadcast
  3. were broadcast
  4. was broadcast


46. You were punished because you _____ last week without permission.

  1. ought not to have travelled
  2. must not have travelled
  3. ought not to travel
  4. will not have travelled


47. It has been rough so far, _____.

  1. hasn’t it
  2. hadn’t it
  3. isn’t it
  4. wasn’t it


48. The minister says he is accountable _____ the president, and nobody else.

  1. from
  2. to
  3. with
  4. by


49. Nobody was surprised that the thief was convicted _____ all the charges.

  1. on
  2. with
  3. of
  4. over


50. The PTA meeting did not adjourn until it had discussed all the matters placed _____ it.

  1. by
  2. with
  3. before
  4. over


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