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Advantages and Disadvantages of Chain drives

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Academic Questions in Basic Technology

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The followings are characteristics of ceramics except _____.

  • A. They readily undergo oxidation

  • B. They have high melting point

  • C. They are durable

  • D. Most are insulators but graphite is a conductor of electricity

  • E. Most are non-magnetic

  • F. They have great tensile strength but graphite is soft

Which of the following statement is false of ceramics?

  • A. They are not metals

  • B. They are not plastics

  • C. Ceramics can be absolutely defined by its products characteristics

  • D. Ceramic materials are not organic in nature

  • E. Ceramics are refractory in nature

  • F. Ceramics materials are usually made from clay

Which of the following is not a function of thin continuous line in Technical drawing?

  • A. Used for representing projection lines
  • B. Used as construction lines
  • C. Used for representing visible outline and edges
  • D. Used for representing leader lines
  • E. Used as intersection lines
  • F. Used as measurement lines

The following are Types of Line in Technical Drawing EXCEPT _____.

  • A. thin continuous line
  • B. inverse head line
  • C. thin dash line
  • D. continuous thin straight zigzag line
  • E. free hand line
  • F. chain thin line with thick ends



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What are Chain Drives?

Before we look into the advantages and disadvantages of chain drives, it's a good idea if we understood what they really are.

A chain drive is simply defined as a mechanism that transmits power mechanically from a machine's engine to its wheel through an endless rotating chain.

Examples of machines that utilizes the chain drive mechanism include tractors, bicycles and chain saws.

Note: Based on the respective uses of the chain drive, they can be classified into three types. These are:

  • Power Transmission Chains
  • Load Lifting Chains
  • Hauling Chains

Please read the Introduction, Categories and Types of Chain Drive here.


Advantages of Chain Drives

  1. They have a very high efficiency (at about 99%).
  2. They transmit larger load with higher power than belt drives.
    Please read on Belt Drives here.
  3. They work fine in at different temperatures including wet conditions.
    You can read on the Concepts of Heat and Temperature here.
  4. They produce less stress on the shafts. This is because they make use of sprockets which are lighter than pulleys (in belt drives).
  5. Their rate at which they are checked for maintenance is low.
    Please read on Maintenance and Types of Maintenance here.
  6. They are positive non-sail drives.
  7. With regards to the size of the machine, they occupy less space and are more compact when compared to belt drives.
  8. They can be used for both long and short distance activities.
  9. They are not prone to catching fire.
  10. They can withstand abrasive conditions without being cut.
  11. A single chain can drive a number of sprockets.
  12. Compared to gear drives, they are simplier and less expensive.


Disadvantages of Chain Drives

  1. They are expensive than belt drives.
  2. They require lubrication for optimum performance.
    You can read on the Concepts of Force and Motion here.
  3. The driving shaft and the driven shaft must be always perfectly aligned.
  4. Their alignment must be precise if they are to work effectively.
  5. Most generate noise while in operation.
  6. They are not suitable for non-parallel shafts.

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