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The following are solutions to atmospheric pollution except _____.

  • A. Putting in place laws that discourages afforestation

  • B. Prohibition of bush burning

  • C. Implementation of vehicular checks and maintenance on roads

  • D. Industries should be located away from residential areas

  • E. Solar and wind energies should be considered as alternative sources of energy

  • F. Improved use of nitrogen fertilizers should be encouraged

The following are postural defects except _____.

  • A. Joint Legs

  • B. Forward Head Posture

  • C. Flatfoot

  • D. Genu Valgum

  • E. Uneven Shoulders

  • F. Bowlegs

Protruding abdomen - Len Academy

The above image (protruding abdomen) is not a postural defect.

  • A. True

  • B. False

The tennis grand slam tournament played on a grass court is the _____.

  • A. US Open

  • B. Australian Open

  • C. Wimbledon

  • D. French Open

  • E. Italian Open

  • F. English Open

Which of the following sport personnels isn't a notable female tennis player? (The firstname had been abbreviated in the options below).

  • A. S. Tsitsipas
  • B. M. Navratilova

  • C. M. Hinges

  • D. M. Sharapova

  • E. V. Williams

  • F. N. Osaka

Which of the following isn't a measure to prevent domestic accidents?

  • A. Alertness and use of common sense when doing things

  • B. Drugs should be kept of out reach of children

  • C. All electrical issues should be fixed by parents only

  • D. Living rooms, rest rooms, stores, bathrooms and kitchen should be properly lighted

  • E. Babies should be closely monitored by parents

  • F. Families should be oriented on the basic home safety rules

Which of the following is false concerning domestic accidents?

  • A. They are preventable

  • B. They always occur inside our homes

  • C. They occur within our environment

  • D. Food can lead to domestic accidents

  • E. Carelessness is a major cause of domestic accidents

  • F. According to reports, it is considered as one of the 4 major causes of death around the world

Which of the following is not an effect of pollution?

  • A. Contamination of food by disease vectors

  • B. Eutrophication

  • C. Formation of acid rain

  • D. Afforestation

  • E. Global warming

  • F. Demise of aquatic flora and fauna

Solutions to air pollution:

The air (sometimes called the atmosphere) is considered to be polluted when harmful and toxic substances are introduced into it.

An instance of air pollution is seen when insecticides are sprayed into the atmosphere. As a result, certain chemicals are released (into the atmosphere) and these could be harmful to insects, rodents, plants and humans respectively. The chemicals released from the sprayed insecticides are termed pollutants.

Please read on an introduction to air pollution and its effect here.

Generally, petrol utilizing automobiles and generators releases carbon(II)oxide (CO) into the atmosphere. The released CO is rapidly oxidized to carbon(IV)oxide (CO2) because of its immediate reaction with oxygen present in the atmosphere. Understand that the inhalation of CO can lead to rapid death in humans and animals alike.

You can read on elements of the periodic table here.

Examples of pollutants include carbon (II)oxide (CO), sulphur(IV)oxide (SO2) and nitrogen(IV)oxide (NO2).

Air pollution is generally bad in our society. Below are solutions to air pollution:

  1. Afforestion (that is, the planting of trees) should be encouraged.
    You can read on agricultural terms and their meanings here.
  2. Solar, hydro-power and wind energies should be considered as alternative sources of energy.
  3. Alternatives to petroleum products should be used if possible. For example, hydro and solar could be used to power automobiles.
  4. Vehicular checks and maintenance should be implemented on various roads.
    Please read on land mode of transportation here.
  5. Bush burning and residential burning should be prohibited.
    You can read on soil erosion, its causes and solutions here.
  6. Industries should be located far away from residential areas.
  7. Solid waste products should be properly recycled and managed.
    Please read on waste management, its causes and effects.
  8. Use of improved and efficient coal mining techniques.
  9. Improved use of nitrogen fertilizers.


Note: Air pollution is one of the three major types of pollution. The other 2 are:

  • Land or soil pollution
  • Water pollution

Noise pollution, light pollution and radioactive pollution are other types of pollution.

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