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Aims and Objectives of Home Economics, Topics covered in Home Economics

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Topics in Home Economics

Aims and Objectives of Home Economics, Topics covered in Home Economics Factors that causes Bloating, Dietary and Medicinal control of Bloating How to prepare the Nigerian coconut rice

Academic Questions in Home Economics

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What is Home Economics?

Home economics, also known as domestic science, home science or family and consumer sciences is a field of study that involves the proper ways and manner of managing the home.

Home economics is taught in secondary schools, colleges, universities and vocational school. This subject can be studied by both sexes (male and female).


Topics covered in Home Economics

Some of the topics covered in home economics include:


Aims and Objectives of Home Economics

Below are the aims and objectives of home economics:

  1. To build and develop the skills necessary for management of resources.
    You can read on maintenance here.

  2. To develop home management skills.

  3. To build organizational skills.
    You can read on conflict management here.

  4. To prepare students for home and family living.
    You can read on factors that leads to failed marriages here.

  5. To foster the process of becoming a dietitian.

  6. To create a positive attitude towards consumers' rights and responsibilities.
    Please read on consumer right and protection here.

  7. To provide the needed experience for professional home economics job.

  8. To develop student’s capability towards resolving home related problems.

  9. Provides opportunity for the male and female child to learn home economics.

  10. To build critical thinking skills.
    You can read on sine, cosine and tangent here.

  11. To learn the proper use of home equipment.

  12. To encourage self learning.
    You can learn the use of idioms here.

  13. Encourage students towards becoming graduates in home economics.

  14. To provide extra skills for students specialized in other disciplines.

  15. To improve student’s knowledge on information technology.
    You can read on internet of things here.

  16. To foster the creativity in students.

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Amazing facts in Home Economics

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