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Consequences of Cultism and Solutions to Cultism

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What is Honesty? Who is a Dishonest Person? Consequences of Dishonesty Cultism: Characteristics of Cultism Cultism: Reasons why people join Cults Illiteracy - Causes of Illiteracy Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations of a Citizen What is Civic Responsibility and Who is a Citizen? Reputation: How to build a good reputation Cooperation - Factors that promote Cooperation Cooperation and Types of Cooperation Attributes and Benefits of Honesty Meaning and Types of Values in Civic Education Community Service and Volunteer Service - Benefits of Community Service Consequences of Cultism and Solutions to Cultism Origin of Cultism in Nigeria Consequences and Solutions to Illiteracy Honesty - True Meaning of Honesty explained with its Attributes Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 3rd Term Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 2nd Term Scheme of work for Civic Education, SS1, 1st Term Fundamental Human Rights and Characteristics of Human Rights

Academic Questions in Civic Education

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A young boy places his values on education; and does everything possible to achieve his educational dreams. This type of value is referred to as _____ value.

  • A. Educational
  • B. Academic
  • C. Positive
  • D. Intrinsic
  • E. Innate
  • F. School

Which of the followings is NOT a correct definition for values in Civic Education?

  • A. Value is a more personal measure of worth
  • B. Value is the esteemed quality which a person attaches to certain ideas, beliefs or principle
  • C. Value is a laid down rule and standard that influences our relationship with people
  • D. Value is the standard principle that is supported by individuals and the society they live in
  • E. None of the above
  • F. All of the above

The act of always telling the truth to others and oneself is best referred to as _____.

  • A. Loyalty
  • B. Discipline
  • C. Faithfulness
  • D. Honesty
  • E. Godliness
  • F. Goodness

Which of the following is NOT a consequence of dishonesty?

  • A. Loss of reputation
  • B. Imprisonment
  • C. Loss of sympathy
  • D. Loss of customers
  • E. Being disgraced
  • D. Being cursed

The cooperation seen among the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) is best classified as _____.

  • A. Social cooperation
  • B. Community cooperation
  • C. Financial cooperation
  • D. Religious cooperation
  • E. Trade cooperation
  • F. Idiopathic cooperation

Which of the following statement is incorrect concerning cooperation?

  • A. Division of Labor is a form of Cooperation
  • B. Cooperation is a process of coming together
  • C. Cooperation is aimed at achieving a common goal
  • D. Cooperation is a form of social interaction
  • E. Indirect Cooperation is a type of Cooperation
  • F. None the above options

Which of the following is not a pressure group?

  • A. Armed Forces Ruling Group (AFRP)
  • B. Boys Brigade
  • C. Academic Staff union of Universities (ASUU)
  • D.Girls Guide Movement
  • E. Red Cross Society



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Consequences of Cultism:

  1. Expulsion of students involved in cultism from tertiary institutions (and even secondary institutions).
    Please read on the Origin of Cultism in Nigeria here.

  2. Untimely death of members.
    Please read on the Reasons why People join Cults here.

  3. Increased robbery, kidnapping, rape and other crimes in the society.

  4. They may end up bringing disgrace to their loved ones and families.
    Please read on Failed Marriages and its causes here.

  5. Some may go mad or have brain disorders as a result of the brutal initiation processes.

  6. Cultism may account for election rigging.
    Please read on the Democratic System of Government and its Characteristics here.

  7. Cultists may end up as assassins and hired killers; killing innocent people in the process.

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Solutions to Cultism

  1. Awareness on the evils of cultism should be constantly made. This can be done in schools, on radio and television, social media platforms, on the internet, blogs and so on.
    Please read on the Causes, Consequences and Solutions to Illiteracy here.

  2. The evils and dangers of cultism must be taught from primary schools.
    Please read on the Characteristics of Cultism here.

  3. Laws that discourage cultism should be passed into the constitution.
    Please read on Constitution here.

  4. Government should work to increase the standard of living in the society.
    Please read on the Characteristics, Functions and Importance of Government here.

  5. Government should provide amnesty to encourage cult members renounce their membership.

  6. Government should provide refuge and security for those willing to renounce their membership.

  7. Government should create job and employment opportunities for the youth.

  8. Parents should properly train their children because “charity begins at home”.
    Please read on the Aims and Objectives of Home Economics here.

  9. Security personnel should be properly equipped to combat cultism.

  10. Religious groups should “evangelize to; and pray for” known cult members.
    Please read on the leadership qualities of Joseph than can transform ones life here.

Please Stay away from cultism because nothing good comes out from it!

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Amazing facts in Civic Education


Cooperation can be defined as the process of coming together, working together and helping one another to achieve a common goal

According to A.W Green 

Cooperation is the continuous and common endeavor of two or more persons to perform a task or to reach a goal that is commonly cherished

According to F.E Merrill

Cooperation is a form of social interaction wherein two or more persons work together to gain a common end.

There is this saying from the chairman of Microsoft and it goes thus:

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning - Bill Gates

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Types of Cooperation:

  • Direct Cooperation
  • Indirect Cooperation
  • Social Cooperation
  • Religious Cooperation
  • Financial Cooperation
  • Community Cooperation
  • Occupational Cooperation

Please read on the details of the types of cooperation here

All human beings are entitled to their rights (Human Rights); but the truth is, we still have got some limitations to some of these rights of ours. Below are 4 limitations:

  1. Soldiers have the right to life but when duty calls, they must be willing to die for their nation if need be.
  2. Although human beings have the right to movement, an insane person may be deprived of this right.
  3. Right to owning a property can be taken away. For instance, if a person is convicted of owning a property through corruption, stealing or another illegal means, such person will be punished in accordance with the law. Their right to those properties will be taken away.
  4. One who uses the right to freedom of speech in bringing about chaos in a democratized society will be penalized by the court of law.

Please on the fundamental human rights here