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Global Acronyms and their Meanings

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Global Acronyms and their Meanings:

An Acronym is a word that is formed from the first letters of an abbreviation.

For instance European Union can be abbreviated to EU.

EU can therefore be regarded as an acronym or abbreviation of European Union.

Note: Different fields of study have got their respective acronyms, for instance we could have the followings:

  • Medical Acronyms
  • Astronomy Acronyms
  • Networking Acronyms
  • Organizational Acronyms
  • Business and Finance Acronyms
  • Social Acronyms and so on.

In this article, we will consider some globally recognized acronyms. Although some of these acronyms may deviate from the fields of social studies, it's still a good idea knowing them.

The table below shows some globally recognized acronyms and their meanings:




 Anti Ballistic Missile


 Alternate Current / Air Conditioner


 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


 Anti Meridian (Before Noon)


 African National Congress


 Automated Teller Machine


 African Union


 British Broadcasting Corporation


 Before Christ


 Confederation of African Football


 Closed-Circuit Television


 Council of Europe


 Criminal Information Department


 Chief Justice


 Civil Liberties Organization


 Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group


 Compressed Natural Gas


 Cable News Network


 Curriculum Vitae


 Catholic Youth Organization


 Dichloro Diphenyle Tri-chloroethane


 Directorate for Food, Road and Rural Infrastructure


 Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid


 Department of Defense


 Digital Versatile Disk


 Economic Commission for Africa


 Economic Commission for Europe


 Electro Cardiogram


 Economic Community of West African States


 Expedited Mail Service


 Eastern Standard Time


 European Union


 Food and Agricultural Organization


 Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)


 Food And Drugs Administration


 Federation of International Football Association


 Federal Road Safety Corps (Nigeria)


 Family Support Programme


 Gross Domestic Product


 Greenwich Mean Time


 Gross National Product


 Grade Point Average


 General Post Office


 Global Positioning System


 Global System of Mobile Communication


 Holy Communion


 Human Immune Deficiency Virus




 International Cricket Council


 International Court of Justice


 International Development Agency


 International Development Research Center


 Institutional Ethics Committee


 International Monetary Fund


 International Police Organization


 International Olympic Committee


 Intelligence Quotient


 International Red Cross


 International Organization for Standardization


 International Telecommunication Union


 In-Vitro Fertilization




 Bachelor of Law


 Master of Law


 Local Organizing Committee


 Liquefied Petroleum Gas


 Master of Business Administration


 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery


 Multi Media Service


 Member of Parliament


 Master of Science




 North Atlantic Treaty Organization


 National Council for Civil Right


 National Defense Academy


 New Partnership for Africa’s Development


 North East West South


 Non-Governmental Organization


 National Health Service


 Organization of African Unity


 Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries


 Prevention of Terrorism Act


 Public Relations Officer


 Quod Erat Demonstrandum (which was to be proved)


 Quod Erat Faciendum (which was to be done)


 Quod Erat Inveniendum (which was to be found)


 Parents Teacher’s Association


 Please Turn Over


 Poly Vinyl Chloride


 Ribonucleic Acid


 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


 Subscriber Identification Module


 Short Message Service


 State Primary Education Board


 Sexual Transmitted Diseases


 Top of English as a Foreign Language


 Universal Basic Education


 United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization


 United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization


 United Nations High Commission for Refuges


 United Nations International Children Education Fund


 United Nations Organization


 Value Added Tax


 Very Important Person


 World Health Organization


 World Intellectual Property Organization


 World Wildlife Foundation


 World Wide Web`


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Amazing facts in Social Studies


English is not the official language in 🇺🇸 United States of America 🇺🇸.

USA does not actually have an official language

The people of Iceland are called Islanders or Islandic. They actually have got NO railway system in their country


The United Nations has six principal organs or arms. These are

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Security Council
  3. The Economic and Social Council
  4. The Trusteeship
  5. The International Court of Justice
  6. The Secretariat

United Nations (UN) is the world body set up to promote peace and unity among the countries of the world. It officially came into existence on the 24th day of October, 1945 after it had been ratified by five permanent members of the Security Council and by the other 46 signatories. These permanent members are:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Soviet Union
  4. Republic of China
  5. France

In total, the numerical strength of the United Nations at its inception was fifty one (51) States