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Explanations on the social problems in Nigeria and their solutions

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Values and Norms explained What are norms? Types of norms Differences between values and norms How to prevent fraud Types of fraud explained Fraud as a contemporary social problem in Nigeria Explanations on the social problems in Nigeria and their solutions Contemporary social problems in Nigeria What is culture? Components of culture in social studies Child marriage and its consequences Consequences of Female Genital Mutilation What is healthy self-esteem? Characteristics of healthy self-esteem Causes of Environmental Problems Effects and Solutions to Environmental Problems Consequences of drug trafficking and solutions to drug trafficking Drug Trafficking: Reasons for drug trafficking Self-esteem: How to overcome low self-esteem What is low self-esteem? Characteristics of low self-esteem Low self-esteem: Causes of low self-esteem Consequences of Conflicts and Solutions to Conflict

Academic Questions in Social Studies

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Twitter is a part of our social environment.

  • A. True

  • B. False

The following are objectives of social studies except _____.

  • A. It teaches morals and values

  • B. It enables us to better understand our environment

  • C. It creates national consciousness

  • D. It assists in producing upright citizens

  • E. It promotes the military form of government

  • F. It fosters judicious use of resources

Which of the following is not a natural cause of environmental problem?

  • A. Tsunami

  • B. Deforestation

  • C. Earthquake

  • D. Drought

  • E. Hurricane

  • F. Tornado

Conflict can simply be defined as a clash of interest.

  • A. True

  • B. False

_____ refers to a personal reflection of one's overall self worth.

  • A. Integrity

  • B. Reputation

  • C. Personality

  • D. Self-esteem

  • E. Psychoanalysis

  • F. Attributes

A type of marriage whereby a christian man marries a muslim woman is termed _____ marriage.

  • A. Faith

  • B. Religious

  • C. Denominational

  • D. Interfaith

  • E. Intrafaith

  • F. Church-Mosque

_____marriage is said to exist between couples who have lived together for a very long time with no prior form of marriage.

  • A. Open

  • B. Convinience

  • C. Trial

  • D. Left Handed

  • E. Companionate

  • F. Common Law

Tribal marks - Len Academy

The above image is considered a part of harmful traditional practices. The following are similar examples of such practices except _____.

  • A. Sharo

  • B. Wuuse

  • C. Female Genital Mutilation

  • D. Widowhood

  • E. Breast Ironing

  • F. Child Marriage

Contemporary social problems in Nigeria:

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in Africa. This is a country abundantly blessed with human and natural resources. The average Nigerian is patient, happy and accommodating, even though they are always burdened with numerous social problems traumatizing in the country.

Please read on our fundamental human rights here.


The social pains of the people didn't commence now; rather it had begun a long time ago. The pioneer of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, before his death, had constantly spoke out on the sufferings of the Nigerian people through his evergreen songs. Several other Nigerian artists have made songs in this regard.


Grammy award winner, Burna Boy, sang the song titled '20 10 2020', condemning the Nigerian government on the events of the Lekki toll gate massacre of Nigerian youths which occured on 20th October, 2020.

Similarly, the legendary 2face idibia sang the song titled 'break the silence' after the kidnap of 276 Chibok girls by the so-called Boko Haram terrorist group.

You can read on pressure groups in Nigeria here.


At the time of writing this article (23rd December, 2022), the ordinary Nigerian man on the street struggles to survive as a result of the harsh working conditions in the country.


In this article, I will emphasized on the contemporary social problems in Nigeria, while also proffering solution to the respective problems. They are explained below:

Please read on the concept and meaning of contemporary social problems here.


  • Poverty

One is considered to live in poverty when he or she does not have enough money to cater for his or her most basic needs. Such needs will include food, water, sleep, shelter and clothing. A good number of Nigerian suffer from a lack of one or more of these basic needs.

In the 2022 multidimensional poverty index survey released in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, the federal government of Nigeria, through the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said 130 million Nigerians are poor. Unfortunately, this represents 63% of Nigeria's population. Meanwhile, recall that Nigeria is the most populous black nation is Africa.

You can read on how to start a home based fish farming here.


To reduce poverty in Nigeria, the federal government should attempt carrying out the points listed below.

Please read the functions of government here.

  • It should provide security for the people of Nigeria. Without security, significant development cannot be achieved.

  • It should provide the most basic infrastructures. These will eventually create a pleasant working condition for investors into the country. Such infrastructures, at minimum, will include electricity (power) and good roads.

  • The federal government, in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) must put out favorable economic policies. Such policies should be beneficial to the common man, and attractive to foreign investors.


  • Corruption

In simple terms, corruption defined as any dishonest act perpetuated by a person, group of persons or an organization in power for their own selfish gain, and to the detriment of others. This is seen in the form of stealing, bribery, forgery, embezzlement, fraudulent connections and so on. Corruption is the cankerworn that had plunged Nigeria into the abyss of poverty.

Please read the leadership qualities of Joseph that has transformed lives here.


An excellent way to combat corruption in Nigeria is to fully implement the cashless policy. Fortunately, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), backed by the the President of Nigeria (Muhammadu Buhari) has vowed to implement this policy by January 2023. Apparently, some Nigerian politicians are highly against this policy. In fact, the CBN governor was summoned by the upper chamber of the house (senate) regarding this policy. Below is the policy's summary:

Regarding the new CBN policy, Individuals will only be able to withdraw N100,000 per week through their bank's counter, Point of Sale (PoS) or Automated Teller (ATM) machines; while organizations can access just N500,000 per week.

However, there are fears that the CBN governor is under pressure to dilute its policies. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Naira has been redesigned in this regard.

To further reduce corruption to its barest minimum, the last hope of the common man, that is: the judiciary, must also diligently carry out their duties.

Please read on the arms of government here.


  • Oil Theft and Bunkering

Nigeria is an oil producing nation. Oil theft and bunkering is often practiced in the Niger-Delta region, where crude oil is abundantly present. Despite being the main source of Nigeria's wealth, the inhabitants still live in financial lack. In addition, the waters and land in this region had been destroyed from the activities of oil exploration.

Please read on the problems of agriculture in Nigeria here.

Popularly referred to as 'kpofire', the crude oil is illegally tapped and locally separated into its various components like diesel, petrol and kerosine. Apart from been an illegal business, kpofire is also very dangerous, as explosion could result from it. Lives have been lost in this regard.

Kpofire contributes only a fraction of oil theft in Nigeria. It is generally believed that the real looters of the Nigerian oil are highly ranked, very wealthy and powerful persons in the Nigerian government. 

Unless this so-called big men are brought to justice, the nation will continue to suffer from lack of oil revenue.

Please read on the consequences of dishonesty here.


A solution towards securing the Nigerian oil is to invest in the people the Niger-Delta region through the development of their land. They themselves are in good position to secure the nation's asset since they know the nooks and crannies of the land.

Another solution is the privatization of the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC). The corruption going on in the NNPC is massive and unexplainable.

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Amazing facts in Social Studies

Statue of Unity - Len Academy

The Statue of Unity in Gujarat, India, is the tallest statue in the world. It stands at 182 meters (579 feet)

2.7 Billion Dollars was realized from the movie - Avengers: Endgame. This makes it the top-grossing film of all time

Sulawasi pigs - Len Academy

The world’s oldest known work of art was discovered by scientists in 2019 on an Indonesian island named Sulawesi. This work of art was created 44,000 years ago, and it shows paintings of three Sulawesi pigs

68% of households in New Zealand have a pet, and this is more than any other nation or country in the world

According to the Population Reference Bureau, the number of people alive today represents about 7% of the total number of humans who have ever lived.

Yahoo is an acronym for: 'Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle'

Ashrita Furman holds the world record for the holder of the most world records. He had set over 600 records and currently holds more than 200 world records

As at 2023, France remains the most visited country (with about 90 million visitors), followed by Spain (83.7 million). Next is the United States of America (79.3 million)

Car license plate in canada - Len Academy

Some car license plates in the Northwest Territories of Canada are shaped like a polar bear

The Library of Congress located in Washington D.C, America is the world's largest library. It contains over 162 million items in more than 450 languages.

The British Library (with over 150 million items) comes second, followed by the Library and Archives Canada with 54 million items (third), the New York Public Library with 53.1 million items (fourth), and the Russian State Library with 44.4 million items (fifth)

Notable points in Social Studies

Social Studies is defined as an integrated study on the interaction of human beings with their physical and social environments.

We can think of our environment as everything that surrounds us at any point in time. For instance, the soil, air, your clothes, phone and everything surrounding you right now are all part of your environment. (That is, they make up your environment).

Physical environment describes every visible thing around us. It could be water, air, soil, clothes, phones or all other things found around us.

Social environment on the other hand describes the various social roles or positions that influence an individual or a group. It is represented in our culture, norms, values, the people and various institutions with whom we interact with. Meanwhile, understand that social media applications like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and the likes present a social environment where people can interact with one another regardless their geographical location around the world.

Please read on the meaning and objectives of social studies here

The causes of environmental problems can be either natural or man-made.

Natural causes of environmental problems will include the followings:

  • Erosion

  • Earthquakes

  • Drought

  • Tsunami

  • Tornadoes

  • Hurricanes

Some of the man-made causes of environmental problems are:

  • Pollution

  • Ozone layer depletion

  • Deforestation

  • Uncontrolled urbanization

  • Increased turnout of waste

  • Flooding

Environmental problems can be defined as problems associated with the lithosphere (land), atmosphere (air) and hydrosphere (water) as a result of man's action on earth.

Below are some of the constituents that make up our environment. These constituents may in turn act as factors that bring about environmental problems. They include:

  • Air or Atmosphere

  • Soil

  • Water

  • Bacteria

  • The people around us

  • The animals around us

  • The things around us. For instance, books, food, shoes, phones and so on.

Please read more on environmental problems here.

The following proactive processes can help reduce conflict in various organizations:

  1. Communication

  2. Set conflict guidelines

  3. Encourage collaboration and teamwork

  4. Proper recruitment process

  5. Promote social events

  6. Applying fair treatment

  7. Listening and understanding skills

  8. Private opinion and feedback from staff

  9. Gender equality

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