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Explanations on the social problems in Nigeria and their solutions

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Academic Questions in Social Studies

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Marital separation may also be termed as divorce.

  • A. True

  • B. False

An ancient mode of transportation that requires the use of donkeys and camels is termed _____.

  • A. Human trans-animal

  • B. Human trans-ancient

  • C. Human-animal transportation

  • D. Human mechanical movement

  • E. Human porterage

  • F. Human trans-old

Rail transportation is a type of land transportation.

  • A. True

  • B. False

The following statements are true concerning transportation except _____.

  • A. Transportation is defined as the movement of goods, persons and animals from one point to another.

  • B. Means of transportation is not the same thing as Mode of transportation

  • C. Land transportation is a means of transportation

  • D. Rail transportation is a type of land transport

  • E. Pipeline typically transports liquid and gaseous products

  • F. Human porterage is an ancient mode of transportation

Which of the following is not a Nigerian acronym?

  • A. NBA

  • B. ISO

  • C. KAI

  • D. NAEC

  • E. NAPEP

  • F. MMIA

The acronym ICPC means _____.

  • A. Independent Corrupt Practice Command
  • B. Independent Corrupt Practice Complaints
  • C. Independent Corrupt Practice Court
  • D. Independent Corrupt Practice and other related offences Commission
  • E. Independent Corrupt Practices Cooperation
  • F. Independent Corrupt Pactice Conduct

Nigerian coat of arms - Len Academy

The black shield in the Nigerian Coat of Arm represents the _____.

  • A. Strength of Nigeria

  • B. Pride of Nigeria

  • C. Dark complexion of Nigerians

  • D. Dignity of Nigeria

  • E. Fertile soil of Nigeria

  • F. Beauty of Nigeria

Which of the following is not a Nigerian National Symbol?

  • A. The Nigerian Flag

  • B. The Nigerian National Anthem

  • C. The Nigerian National Pledge

  • D. The Nigerian Naira (NGN)

  • E. The Nigerian National Identity Card

  • F. None of the above

Contemporary social problems in Nigeria:

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in Africa. This is a country abundantly blessed with human and natural resources. The average Nigerian is patient, happy and accommodating, even though they are always burdened with numerous social problems traumatizing in the country.

Please read on our fundamental human rights here.


The social pains of the people didn't commence now; rather it had begun a long time ago. The pioneer of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, before his death, had constantly spoke out on the sufferings of the Nigerian people through his evergreen songs. Several other Nigerian artists have made songs in this regard.


Grammy award winner, Burna Boy, sang the song titled '20 10 2020', condemning the Nigerian government on the events of the Lekki toll gate massacre of Nigerian youths which occured on 20th October, 2020.

Similarly, the legendary 2face idibia sang the song titled 'break the silence' after the kidnap of 276 Chibok girls by the so-called Boko Haram terrorist group.

You can read on pressure groups in Nigeria here.


At the time of writing this article (23rd December, 2022), the ordinary Nigerian man on the street struggles to survive as a result of the harsh working conditions in the country.


In this article, I will emphasized on the contemporary social problems in Nigeria, while also proffering solution to the respective problems. They are explained below:

Please read on the concept and meaning of contemporary social problems here.


  • Poverty

One is considered to live in poverty when he or she does not have enough money to cater for his or her most basic needs. Such needs will include food, water, sleep, shelter and clothing. A good number of Nigerian suffer from a lack of one or more of these basic needs.

In the 2022 multidimensional poverty index survey released in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, the federal government of Nigeria, through the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said 130 million Nigerians are poor. Unfortunately, this represents 63% of Nigeria's population. Meanwhile, recall that Nigeria is the most populous black nation is Africa.

You can read on how to start a home based fish farming here.


To reduce poverty in Nigeria, the federal government should attempt carrying out the points listed below.

Please read the functions of government here.

  • It should provide security for the people of Nigeria. Without security, significant development cannot be achieved.

  • It should provide the most basic infrastructures. These will eventually create a pleasant working condition for investors into the country. Such infrastructures, at minimum, will include electricity (power) and good roads.

  • The federal government, in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) must put out favorable economic policies. Such policies should be beneficial to the common man, and attractive to foreign investors.


  • Corruption

In simple terms, corruption defined as any dishonest act perpetuated by a person, group of persons or an organization in power for their own selfish gain, and to the detriment of others. This is seen in the form of stealing, bribery, forgery, embezzlement, fraudulent connections and so on. Corruption is the cankerworn that had plunged Nigeria into the abyss of poverty.

Please read the leadership qualities of Joseph that has transformed lives here.


An excellent way to combat corruption in Nigeria is to fully implement the cashless policy. Fortunately, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), backed by the the President of Nigeria (Muhammadu Buhari) has vowed to implement this policy by January 2023. Apparently, some Nigerian politicians are highly against this policy. In fact, the CBN governor was summoned by the upper chamber of the house (senate) regarding this policy. Below is the policy's summary:

Regarding the new CBN policy, Individuals will only be able to withdraw N100,000 per week through their bank's counter, Point of Sale (PoS) or Automated Teller (ATM) machines; while organizations can access just N500,000 per week.

However, there are fears that the CBN governor is under pressure to dilute its policies. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Naira has been redesigned in this regard.

To further reduce corruption to its barest minimum, the last hope of the common man, that is: the judiciary, must also diligently carry out their duties.

Please read on the arms of government here.


  • Oil Theft and Bunkering

Nigeria is an oil producing nation. Oil theft and bunkering is often practiced in the Niger-Delta region, where crude oil is abundantly present. Despite being the main source of Nigeria's wealth, the inhabitants still live in financial lack. In addition, the waters and land in this region had been destroyed from the activities of oil exploration.

Please read on the problems of agriculture in Nigeria here.

Popularly referred to as 'kpofire', the crude oil is illegally tapped and locally separated into its various components like diesel, petrol and kerosine. Apart from been an illegal business, kpofire is also very dangerous, as explosion could result from it. Lives have been lost in this regard.

Kpofire contributes only a fraction of oil theft in Nigeria. It is generally believed that the real looters of the Nigerian oil are highly ranked, very wealthy and powerful persons in the Nigerian government. 

Unless this so-called big men are brought to justice, the nation will continue to suffer from lack of oil revenue.

Please read on the consequences of dishonesty here.


A solution towards securing the Nigerian oil is to invest in the people the Niger-Delta region through the development of their land. They themselves are in good position to secure the nation's asset since they know the nooks and crannies of the land.

Another solution is the privatization of the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC). The corruption going on in the NNPC is massive and unexplainable.

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Amazing facts in Social Studies

Ashrita Furman holds the world record for the holder of the most world records. He had set over 600 records and currently holds more than 200 world records

As at 2023, France remains the most visited country (with about 90 million visitors), followed by Spain (83.7 million). Next is the United States of America (79.3 million)

Car license plate in canada - Len Academy

Some car license plates in the Northwest Territories of Canada are shaped like a polar bear

The Library of Congress located in Washington D.C, America is the world's largest library. It contains over 162 million items in more than 450 languages.

The British Library (with over 150 million items) comes second, followed by the Library and Archives Canada with 54 million items (third), the New York Public Library with 53.1 million items (fourth), and the Russian State Library with 44.4 million items (fifth)

Located in Fez, Morocco, the University of Karueein (or University of Al Quaraouiyine) was founded way back in 859 A.D; and it's the world's oldest university (world's oldest higher learning institution) in the Guinness World Record.

In 1963, it was incorporated into Morocco's modern state university system, with approximately 8,000 students enrolling each academic year

We have got people who have fears on their fears. They are said to exhibit phobophobia which is the fear of phobias

Men big heel shoe - Len Academy

High heel shoes were first designed for men

According to Ecology Global Network, four babies are born every seconds, 250 every minutes, 15,000 every hour, 360,000 everyday and 131.4 million babies every year

People under age 30 account for over 52% of the world's population

People over age 60 make up 12.3% of the world's population


The following proactive processes can help reduce conflict in various organizations:

  1. Communication

  2. Set conflict guidelines

  3. Encourage collaboration and teamwork

  4. Proper recruitment process

  5. Promote social events

  6. Applying fair treatment

  7. Listening and understanding skills

  8. Private opinion and feedback from staff

  9. Gender equality

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Conflict can be caused in a variety of ways. For instance, silence may result into conflict. Interestingly, silence has also shown to be a great means of conflict prevention.

Below are some causes of conflicts:

  • Frustration

  • Misunderstanding

  • Poor communication

  • Interest

  • Leadership

  • Personality

Conflict is defined as a disagreement between two or more persons characterized by exchange of words and hostilities.

Conflicts can be reduced in organizations if the following proactive steps are adhered to:

  1. Communication

  2. Set conflict guidelines

  3. Encourage collaboration and teamwork

  4. Proper recruitment process

  5. Promote social events

  6. Application of fair treatment

  7. Listening and understanding skills

  8. Private opinion and feedbacks from staff

  9. Gender equality

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The United Nations has six principal organs or arms. These are

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Security Council
  3. The Economic and Social Council
  4. The Trusteeship
  5. The International Court of Justice
  6. The Secretariat

United Nations (UN) is the world body set up to promote peace and unity among the countries of the world. It officially came into existence on the 24th day of October, 1945 after it had been ratified by five permanent members of the security council and by the other 46 signatories. These permanent members are:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Soviet Union
  4. Republic of China
  5. France

In total, the numerical strength of the United Nations at its inception was fifty one (51) states