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Drug Trafficking: What is Drug Trafficking?

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The acronym BC means _____.

  • A. Before the birth of Christ
  • B. Before Jesus Christ
  • C. Before the coming of Christ
  • D. Before the death Christ
  • E. Before Christ
  • F. Before the resurrection of Christ

Which of the following acronym is related to the Nigerian Lawyer?

  • B. NUJ
  • C. SAN
  • D. NLC
  • E. NCC
  • F. NLA

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Meaning of Drug Trafficking:

Let me begin by stating categorically that the act of drug trafficking is illegal and punishable under the law. It is a wrong and destructive way of making money

Please read on the Disadvantages of Money here.

Drug trafficking in itself is a crime punishable under the law. In fact, death penalty is the ultimate sentence given to drug traffickers in certain countries.

Note: People who purchase and use trafficked drugs jeopardize their health and may be liable to die earlier than expected.

Please read on the Causes of Drug Abuse in Adolescents here.

Drug trafficking may be defined as the transfer, selling, importing or exporting of illegal drugs from the point of production to the final consumer (point of consumption).

Please read on Production here.

Examples of drugs trafficked include cocaine, marijuana, heroine, cannabis, crack, LSD and so on. All of these drugs are unlawful within a nation or a state.

Drug trafficking is considered a greater offense when compared to drug possession. It is a criminal act under the constitution of a country or state. For this reason, drug traffickers are often prosecuted as stated by a country's constitution.

Please read on Constitution here.

Some of the penalties for the crime of drug trafficking may include death by hanging (in certain countries) or life imprisonment. The intents of these severe penalties is to discourage individuals, people and organizations from this illegal act.

Please read on the Consequences of Drug Trafficking and Solutions to Drug Trafficking here.

An important question to ask is:

Why do people indulge in drug trafficking even when they may (or may not) be aware of its evil?

Please read on Reasons for Drug Trafficking here.

Normally, Drug trafficking charges are attributed to the scale or level of the dealers. This may range from small street dealers to large drug cartels. Punishments in most countries will likely vary depending on the scale or level of the trafficker's operation and the nature of drugs being trafficked. For instance, a drug trafficker may face 1-10 years of imprisonment and fines of about one million naira for marijuana trafficking, while another may face more than 30 years in prison and fines of over ten million naira if convicted of cocaine trafficking.

Please read on Black Market here.

It is also noteworthy to state that drug trafficking is often accompanied with murder and kidnapping of rival gangs or even innocent persons. These drugs may also mislead the users of trafficked drugs into indulging in cultism.

Please read more on Cultism, it's Characteristics and Effects here.

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Amazing facts in Social Studies


English is not the official language in 🇺🇸 United States of America 🇺🇸.

USA does not actually have an official language

The people of Iceland are called Islanders or Islandic. They actually have got NO railway system in their country


The United Nations has six principal organs or arms. These are

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Security Council
  3. The Economic and Social Council
  4. The Trusteeship
  5. The International Court of Justice
  6. The Secretariat

United Nations (UN) is the world body set up to promote peace and unity among the countries of the world. It officially came into existence on the 24th day of October, 1945 after it had been ratified by five permanent members of the Security Council and by the other 46 signatories. These permanent members are:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Soviet Union
  4. Republic of China
  5. France

In total, the numerical strength of the United Nations at its inception was fifty one (51) States

The Headquarter of United Nations is in New York City. It is located in the Turtle Bay Neighborhood of Manhattan