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Consequences of Drug Trafficking and Solutions to Drug Trafficking

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Academic Questions in Social Studies

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The acronym CCTV means _____.

  • A. Camera Circuit Television
  • B. Closed-Circuit Televison
  • C. Closed Camera Television
  • D. Camera-Circuit Televison
  • E. Closed-Camera Televison
  • F. None of the above

The acronym BC means _____.

  • A. Before the birth of Christ
  • B. Before Jesus Christ
  • C. Before the coming of Christ
  • D. Before the death Christ
  • E. Before Christ
  • F. Before the resurrection of Christ

Which of the following acronym is related to the Nigerian Lawyer?

  • B. NUJ
  • C. SAN
  • D. NLC
  • E. NCC
  • F. NLA



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Consequences of Drug Trafficking:

Drug trafficking is an illegal act done outside the government's radar. It has resulted into the death of many while others are suffering from various ailments associated with the chronic addiction of such dangerous drugs.

Drug trafficking is defined as the transfer, selling, importing or exporting of illegal drugs from the point of production to the final consumer (point of consumption).

Please read on an Drug Trafficking: (What is Drug Trafficking?) here.

You can read on the Reasons for Drug Trafficking here.

Below are the general consequences or effects of drug trafficking:

  1. Death, imprisonment and payment of fines on the part of the offender.
    Please read on Your Civic Responsibility here.

  2. Bad reputation is ascribed to countries that indulge in it.
    Please read on Reputation and how to build a good reputation here.

  3. Increased level of corruption within a country.
    Please read on the Arms of Government and their Functions here.

  4. It will promote crimes and vices in an institution, state or country.
    Please read on the Consequences and Solutions to Cultism here.

  5. Impacts negatively on the youths and even teenagers. For instance, some may become a part of cultism while others may develop mental problems from the use of trafficked drugs.
    Please read on the Side Effects of Drugs here.

  6. Individuals who are involved in the use of trafficked drugs may lose their usefulness in the society.
    Please read on Values in Civic Education here.

Solutions to Drug Trafficking

  1. More information and awareness on drug trafficking should be made. Also, the dangers of drug trafficking must be taught at the primary, secondary ad tertiary levels of education.
    Please read on Drug Abuse and Causes of Drug Abuse in Adolescents here.

  2. Creation of more jobs by the government. In addition, the creation of skills training platforms for entrepreneurs by the government and private sectors should be encouraged.
    Please read on how to start a home based Fish Farming Business here.

  3. Eradication (Reduction to barest minimum) of poverty within the country or state.
    You can read on the Sole Proprietorship Business Structures, it's Advantages and Disadvantages here.

  4. Proper equipment should be given to the necessary agencies required to combat job trafficking. Such agencies will include the immigration officers and police.
    Please read on the Functions of the Government here.

  5. Reducing corruption to its barest minimum within a country or state.
    Please read on the Forms of Government here.

  6. Appropriate penalties should be put in place against drug traffickers. These penalties must also be enforced to the full extent of the law by the courts.
    You can read on the Constitution here.

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Amazing facts in Social Studies


English is not the official language in 🇺🇸 United States of America 🇺🇸.

USA does not actually have an official language

The people of Iceland are called Islanders or Islandic. They actually have got NO railway system in their country


The United Nations has six principal organs or arms. These are

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Security Council
  3. The Economic and Social Council
  4. The Trusteeship
  5. The International Court of Justice
  6. The Secretariat

United Nations (UN) is the world body set up to promote peace and unity among the countries of the world. It officially came into existence on the 24th day of October, 1945 after it had been ratified by five permanent members of the security council and by the other 46 signatories. These permanent members are:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Soviet Union
  4. Republic of China
  5. France

In total, the numerical strength of the United Nations at its inception was fifty one (51) states

The Headquarter of United Nations is in New York City. It is located in the Turtle Bay Neighborhood of Manhattan